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  1. Exactly my point, VaVoom's lighting is superior compared to other sourceports plus it has shadowing, something that other sourceports does not feature, so PBR would fit perfectly on VaVoom's engine IMO.
  2. Depends on what do you mean with "suitable for doom aesthetics", if you mean vanilla aesthetics there are chocolate doom and its forks which alreally provides that experience. Remember back in the day when I tried OG VaVoom and was quite impresive how well shadowing was done and imagined what could be VaVoom in the future in terms of features and fancy graphical fx, after all, OG VaVoom aimed to be the most advanced DooM sourceport, probably VaVoom could be way more advanced in features then GZDoom if Janis did continued with his work today. But then you are here reviving VaVoom as your own fork called k8VaVoom :)
  3. I can see PBR textures once Doom3-like lighting is archived :) Can't wait to see newer stuff on k8vavoom!
  4. Hey, thanks ketmar, I shall keep an eye on david's work and on new stuff for k8vavoom. On the other hand, what is the next plan for k8vavoom?
  5. Thanks for the fix ketmar :)
  6. @ketmar yo, I'm still keeping an eye on k8vavoom developement on your repo and playing some mods on the Switch, ofc :) Btw I see some commits related to mapinfo and other map stuff, what is exactly wrong with the PSXDOOM TC? From what I remeber from years ago it is just a map pack with custom textures and (some) custom actors, so I supposed that it would easy to make it work under k8vavoom when I asked (in fact, I did think it could be supported out-of-the-box because it is just essencially a map pack).
  7. @ketmar since a gzdoom-2-k8vavoom model def converter is on your to-do, how about doomsday-2-k8vavoom converter? Models for doomsday are way more defined that the existing models on gzdoom, also there is the Doom Hires Model Project which focus on a more accurate models of the original sprites by ID and those looks Kick-Ass! :)
  8. So far I can say k8vavoom runs quite fast on the Switch :)
  9. I tweaked it by wiping A_SpawnItemEx :)
  10. Ahh, another sweet update as always, thanks @ketmar :) Btw I'm not quite satisfied with how k8vavoom handles blood fx on mods, for example, there is the [URL=https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=50448]Nash Blood mod[/URL] and the blood looks quite plain under k8vavoom. This is how Nash Blood should looks like: Edit: on the [URL=https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=59260]Universal Gibs mod[/URL] is way more evident, instead of showing the Q3-style gibs, it just shows vanilla gibs. Edit. Nvm, Universal Gibs uses zscript shit.
  11. Fair enough, but now thanks to your hardwork, tons of non-zcript mods should work now :) Btw I tested several days ago the PSX Doom TC and didn't work, any chance to support it? I think PSX Doom is worth of a try.
  12. Rly? Nice! I shall give a shot tomorrow. Btw idk if this is an issue related to k8vavoom, but with bdlite the vanilla pistol is the start weapon instead of BD's rifle, you likely know this issue but pointing it out does not hurt :)
  13. Welp, I forgot to mention that I played with SmoothDoom's options, perhaps that is how I did break keys, shall try out with a clean config, just in case.@ketmar
  14. @ketmar are keys working for you with SmoothDoom? I remember from my first test working but somehow keys aren't working anymore, just like on BDLite.
  15. And yet SmoothDoom is pretty much fully featured under k8vavoom (excluding the gibs part). Quite impresive stuff @ketmar :)