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  1. FractalBeast

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    That's a lotta cats.
  2. Slowly, the drugs are winning the war on drugs, and I'm completely okay with that. Fucking about time we got some fucking biochemical freedom up in here.
  3. FractalBeast

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    Why do you guys need 5 pages to discuss the obvious. You call it Doom for the millions of idiotic braindead CoD mainlining console peasants. The actual Doom fans will just call it, nuDoom, Doom2016 or Doom 4. It really doesn't matter, who the fuck cares about names. Back when I was a kid, Doom 1, Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia, it was all DOOOOM. We didn't give a shit.
  4. FractalBeast

    What are you listening to?

    @Martin Howe Great pick. Hellripper is EXCELLENT. Moreso that it's a one-man-band.
  5. FractalBeast

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    It all depends on how deep the water is. And how big the monsters are. Luckily for me, most games don't feature deep monster-infested waters. Nothing is more spooky than a huge stretch of deep water and knowing there's something BIG in it.
  6. FractalBeast


    Wikileaks has been exposing lies and corruption of the happy communist party? What kind of idiotic demented fairy-tale world do you live in? Pretty sure Julian Assange is being fucking hounded by the CIA right now for exposing American war crimes during Republican leadership.
  7. FractalBeast

    Do you use Bitcoin or other crypto?

    That's true too. FLAC is so much better than MP3.
  8. FractalBeast

    Do you use Bitcoin or other crypto?

    Ever since the SilkRoad got closed down, there hasn't really been a point to using cryptocurrency in my opinion.
  9. FractalBeast


    Actually, Pepe was originally used on 420chan with the text blurb "feels good, man". Given that 420chan is an imageboard with druggies and actually socially functional non-virgin imageboard users, it became very popular. So popular, it became used on 4chan. Now 4chan is an imageboard for depressed socially stunted incels and other scum, so they turned it into "feels bad, man" to fit their stories about being bullied in college, spaghetti in the pocket, not getting a girlfriend or losing a match of OverWatch because no one is happy over at 4chan. And then 8chan happened and they immediately turned it into their little idiotic internet-nazi secret handshake.
  10. FractalBeast

    Shooting Down Revenant Missiles

    What about making only homing missiles shootable? To be fair, those are the only missiles I'd wanna shoot anyway.
  11. FractalBeast

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    As someone who dips deep into actual left political philosophy, there's nothing wrong with hating your typical SJW shit since it represents a highly problematic "capitalist" or "liberal (center) right wing" way of thinking. Ignoring problems faced by minorities by claiming them "problematic" and forcing them out of the public view does not help any minority. It just helps the majority keep on trucking like nothing is wrong. This is pretty much how political correctness works in the West. Don't talk about how issue X affects minority Y because it makes the majority feel bad feels. As for whether you should watch that shit? Probably not. You're just giving fucking wankers views and ad income. Of course, you're just not going to find any sensible anti-SJW videos like those alt-right clickbait grifters make, because no one except them cares enough to make shitty videos like that.
  12. FractalBeast

    I just started "Dragon Ball Super"

    Mind you I haven't paid any attention to Toriyama's plans since DBS ended, but IIRC he was surprised at how popular DBS became (the dude seriously is too humble) and maybe a tad disappointed with the quality of the anime. So from what I heard, he forced Toei to wait for the manga to have X chapters finished before they continue DBS. Remember, most of DBS is written like Game of Thrones, where the show outpaces the written/drawn original. I am pretty interested in this DBS with a stronger Toriyama handprint. I hear the main villain is a space wizard whose magical abilities are kind of like King Piccolo in DB, as in martial arts and powerlevels don't really matter that much.
  13. FractalBeast

    I just started "Dragon Ball Super"

    Not much more to add since I pretty much agree with @Doomkid. I will say that DBS feels almost like DB inside DBZ, Toriyama allows far more humour and silly cosmic worldbuilding into it, and I love that. It does that mix far better than DBGT ever did. Probably because DBS actually expands on the universe AND history instead of just making the universe bigger. A deeper universe (deeper by shonen manga/anime standards, hahahah), instead of just a bigger shallower universe. Makes the jokes involving cosmic characters land better. The story also twists and turns in more unexpected ways...
  14. FractalBeast

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    HL1. HL2 is probably the better game, and the more influential game. But I prefer HL1. The level design of HL1 is just amazing. They managed to take Doom and Duke mapping, and fuse them in one by making use of the 5-minutes-in-the-future setting of a recognizable high-tech scientific facility. You have your weird semi-abstract Doom areas, but also real-looking Duke-like realistic rooms; often all within the same level.
  15. FractalBeast

    What are the worst lyrics you have ever heard?

    Pretty much every nu-metal song made in the '90s.