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  1. JustDerekTheSquirrel

    m_back_d graphic for FD

    not yet, but i tried with a pwad and it works. not sure about working into the iwad itself though.
  2. JustDerekTheSquirrel

    m_back_d graphic for FD

    Hey, i've just made a m_back_d graphic for FD, which GZDoom uses the Doom font style one because it doesn't have the graphic for FD. Idk if i should improve it. maybe give some feedback?
  3. JustDerekTheSquirrel

    Some FreeDooM Voxel Medkit

    Thanks a lot, Xindage! i will probably continue the voxel addon to make new voxel models of existing sprites. :)
  4. JustDerekTheSquirrel

    Some FreeDooM Voxel Medkit

    Hey guys, I've made a medkit voxel model based on the current FD version except with a cross, I thought that FD needs to have a voxels pack so I made only one of the voxels models. Includes a vox and kvx file formats(the latter one is for GZDoom). Used MagicaVoxel and Slab6. FD Voxel Medkit.rar
  5. JustDerekTheSquirrel

    Hey, can someone tell that words The Jaws Of Defeat is saying backwords?

    Very interesting, thx for your thoughts. :D
  6. Well, I played the voice of the final boss and I didn't understand well, so anyone can understand it?
  7. JustDerekTheSquirrel

    MAP01 facelift

    I really like this facelift of Map01, idk what to say, it's really fantastic :)