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  1. Korikon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP06 - "Sanctuary" by Nomad So it starts were Map04 ended... ok map05 never happened nice to know this map is already weird great. First map that's not by Amazael so the design is gonna be more fresh cause I've never played this megawad before right? Wrong it feels like the dev couldn't decide what he was gonna go for so it made it fall apart to me I don't like the map too much it's not the worst map but it just feels like this is from a worse mapper I hope MAP07 isn't like this map isn't special till something trippy happens one door won't open so you go through the door next to it and the door goes to the same place but requires a red keycard. Later in the map there's a swampy area and I like that but the maps not that special I don't have much to write about it. Then it gains a bit of the trippiness back by teleporting you to a hell and a building. The most fun I had in this map was the end of the building and the part in hell cause the difficulty was actually what it should have been based on the rest of the maps so far cause the map was so easy and bland. Later on there's a cave the portals take you through and the rest of the map gets better but I'm still not gonna forgive it for the start.
  2. Korikon

    Doom Builder 2 BD weapons?

    Well if you wanna MOD a MOD it'll take you a while I just gotta tell you before you go and do it most wads other then ones that switch the original code will work with BD from my experience.
  3. Korikon

    Doom Builder 2 BD weapons?

    I said you'll probably get errors if you try what I said I meant to edit the code in something like Slade3 or XWE (although I've only used Slade3) to make the ID's seperate from the original game so you MIGHT not get an error. It would probably take a long time.
  4. Korikon

    Doom Builder 2 BD weapons?

    You'll likely get errors if you try I've never looked at the BD code but there's probably a whole bunch of DECORATES give them unique ID's and see where that takes you. P.S. I'm not that good at code so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  5. Korikon

    Big Chungus Arena - A Doom II Joke WAD

    Not my proudest fap.. but got me harder then BD.
  6. I only played the first mission so far and it's better then I expected I thought this wouldn't be that good of a megawad even though the front looks good. So far it feels like a remake of The Ultimate Doom and I like it. I'll finish the rest of this and if I see any bugs I'll put them here.
  7. Never heard of this WAD but I'm definitely gonna check it out
  8. Honestly I can't decide between Doom 2016, Undertale, Minecraft, and Universe Sandbox 2 (Not really a game but I can buy it in the game section on steam so fuck it.)
  9. Sargent Mark IV is an asshole and a bunch of people on Youtube, Doomworld, Reddit, Realm667 (Somehow), and basically every other platform was a bunch of assholes trying to ruin authors reps and giving them hate and basically being an ass in every way possible because it wasn't compatible that's why it got so much hate and that's why I love Doomworld at the same time because people aren't treating it like the Holy Grail of Doom mods here anymore. The mod gets stale really fast the first time I played it I beat 3 heures d'agonie 1 with it and I couldn't stand playing it after that cause it wasn't fun last time I played it was when I tried project brutality 3.0 which is basically it's own mod but it uses files from Brutal Doom making it an Addon the author is a total douche but the mod is good just because the guy is an ass doesn't mean I'm gonna lie about his work. Yeah it boosted the popularity quite a bit and brought a whole bunch of edgy 12 year-olds to the fanbase that's where all the annoying shit from brutal doom came from aside from the author ruining his own mod by being a douche. Doom 4 isn't like Brutal doom to me because it has gameplay that doesn't get stale after a while I could still replay Doom right now without getting bored to the run as long as I'm above the power fantasy difficulty's Yeah basically that sums up the mod.
  10. Korikon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Dobu you spelled Azamael wrong on map04 so not only did you say it's February but you also said it's by Azamel. Not including the kills or anything on these except for map05 because I honestly didn't read it before I clicked through and does it really matter? Map03 - "Dies Irae" by Azamael Holy shit I'm just writing this after 2 minutes of playing it and I have no clue what's going on the doors are fucked up and there's nazi symbols I can't tell if this is the future or even more altered reality than Doom or was Doomguy on acid. Everything in this map became eerie as hell I love it the doors not opening right the weird Nazi imagery and the fucked up textures I love it honestly this map is the best one so far as the Cacodemon showing up cause you walked close to the wall. This map has a shortage of ammo at the first half (Because I suck at Doom) so I had to use the chainsaw to save it. It feels harder then the other levels I feel like the difficulty. The areas change in style so quickly it feels like Dusk Episode 3 but unlike most of those levels it and you have a slightly harder time knowing where you're going because it still stays similar enough. I just realized all of the sound effects from what I noticed are different or the pitch is changed so it ends up being more eerie. These buildings are incredibly strange Library with a bloody lab in it. A lab but the coat in there has a strange way of grabbing it. A nazi-style building with a room that has a pirate flags and beds. Basically everything that doesn't go together but it just does because of the way it's done. Later I accidentally fell into a trap I think filled with imps the picture is a picture of that area I noclipped out cause I forgot to save through the whole map and I hate getting stuck and restarting in Singleplayer games. Alright that's it for that map let's continue. Map04 - "Death From Above" by Azamael Oh great Cyberdemons! If I ever try doing parkour in Doom again I will have instant flashbacks to this map I didn't smash my keyboard but I was really mad in my head at how many times I died. I almost made it across the zigzag by spamming space but I got rocketed out of existence. I actually had no clue where to go for a while then I went the right way the revenant maze was a really interesting idea and easy to get through. This map drove me insane the whole way through. The ending scared the shit out of me thank god this map was small because if it was large I would want to fucking die. Map05 - "All Nightmare Long" by Azamael Kills: 94% Items: 84% Secrets: 62% I don't know where this map is but it seems like a really cramped hotel at the start I almost got killed by the barrel that exploded in the room because I had low health from Map04. Activating the picture of Jesus Christ was a strange choice for a switch but than again, this map is literally the strangest doom wad I've played and it slowly making my braincells disappear from the anger and frustration this has caused me. You know the environments are changing so quick that I don't even know what to call it. I really feel like this wad is actually going to kill me. I got outside and there's a rocket launcher finally. You have to look around to find switches to get to areas and I like the way they do it even though it makes the map harder to navigate. One of the doors that has fucked up linedefs on it has a 2nd ghost shape of the door that lifts up along with it was probably intentional but none of the others did it. All of the walls lifting down felt really trippy to me. P.S. Took me a long time to review these maps cause I didn't have time I want to actually finish this wad unlike what I did with Memento Mori 2 where I had no time to keep going with all of you guys.
  11. Korikon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Map02: "Dead by the down" by Amazael KILLS: 99% ITEMS: 10% SECRETS: 40% This map is less trippy but still is trippy it changes the entire theme from a plane in a void to someplace on probably Earth. It still messes with your head though. Some of the textures are in places they shouldn't be and the doors open upside down because the start is like that it feels a little less trippy than when you get into a futuristic base it gets really weird you can fall down a whole with a mancubus I managed to not die and kill them with a chainsaw which is a surprise because I suck at doom than later there's this room that looked like a hole at first but it was stairs... the stairs were really small so it looked weird there was a door that said exit so I actually thought it was the exit but it wasn't so I explored the rest of the map and found some more enemies in new doors that had opened and a super shotgun that when I picked up made a revenant spawn. there's a little view outside of the "exit" that shows where you were earlier and it looks good. The real exit is next to it. That's about it for that map it's still trippy because plane in space to planecrash.
  12. Korikon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    I've never played this megawad but it looks really weird so I already like it let's see where this leads... Map01: "Seele" by Azamael KILLS: 96% ITEMS: 100% SECRETS:0% BECAUSE I'M RETARDED Wow this 1st map is insane I have never played this wad before but it's like there was acid involved in the making. First time I spawned I was very confused for a second because for some reason my controls weren't on so I died but seeing another doomguy was just weird. All the monster noises so far have been changed to a grunt of some sort. The level design reminds me of episode 3 in Dusk you don't know why it keeps changing or why it's so fucking weird but you like it at the same time but in A.L.T. unlike Dusk there's been more acid involved. random carpet in the starting room that's a airplane (that has an empty black void which is my soul as the skybox) I fell out of it and died because I got shot so that's also a thing. I thought it was a theatre I think it's a good start because it doesn't fit with the normal doom wad style of futuristic but I like it. the enemies at the start are for some reason Schutzstaffel or SS for short. SS weren't in doom 2 other than the easteregg levels so it's cool to see a non wolfenstein remakes have these enemies. You walk through the next few rooms and see a satanic-like ritual on the floor with pretty fucked up but at the same time good textures on the inside wall of this A.L.T. machine. I soon learned that you can jump onto the wings of the plain because I'm retarded and didn't realize that earlier. I like how at the end you basically shoot yourself and I attempted to kill myself 8 Acid trips on an airplane out of 10
  13. Korikon


    Honestly it need more horror elements but that is the worst way you could handle a doom game and almost any horror game is jump scares in my opinion they are the cheapest and worst way to scare someone it only works in full on horror games and rarely. Now for dark areas and creepy hallways they do need a bit more but it's a Doom game it's really hard to get scared even in Doom 3 because your shooting demons and running around honestly they should take more from Doom 3 than just a monster redo but the horror parts of it are really what weighed it down. Not that doom doesn't need horror the horror should just be more environmental so yeah dark areas and creepy hallways the gameplay did show some of that.
  14. Korikon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    Map03 ...And Hell Beneath: Kills:88% Items:88% Secrets:0% I was to lazy to wall hump or search for secrets on this one but this map is much more complex has a large spike in difficulty and here's the good. The first thing I like is how the monsters are placed in most of the level and it's a much bigger and more complex map than the opening level or the second one. Now the bad parts of the level is the fact textures but in only like 2 rooms they look pretty bad. That's the 3rd map it's pretty good honestly but not the greatest.
  15. Korikon

    "It's too cartoony"

    And people were complaining about doom 2016 not being cartoony enough I hate my life at least its not as bad as SJWs being annoying or people saying it's too fast paced (Which you shouldn't be playing doom if that's a complaint).