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  1. Hello everyone! I have been tasked with creating a standalone game on the GZDoom engine, with assets either made by me, or modified from Public Domain resources. Along with distributing the game, I will be distributing a survey asking players about their feedback and experience. The survey is anonymous, and I believe at least 5 should be sufficient to make out the necessary data. The plot: Your mother is deadly ill, so your task is to venture into the caverns to find a rare flower, which is a crucial ingredient for the cure. The caverns hold many dangers, but you are brave enough to face any danger! Link to the game itself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_-zL9BQgN7KXK-4SlkRSSVGKwPZH83ZR/view?usp=sharing Update! - As of 21st of April, 2022, footstep sounds have been replaced. Now there's different sounds for different surfaces! To begin playing, you can click on either of the batch files. You have an option to play with Texture Displacement, which will give more depth to the environments, but can look a little unsettling to a lot of people. There is only one difficulty setting, and you need to bind Drop Weapon to play the game properly(it should be bound to E by default). Make sure to press F1 for further help and instructions. The gameplay can be described as a first person adventure, with elements of action and puzzle solving sprinkled throughout. If you know where to go, the game shouldn't take long to beat. As this is the initial release, I may consider updating it in the future, especially if users will report issues. Here's a collection of screenshots: The link to the survey: https://forms.gle/orFELbDuduu959Kk6 That's all, hope to see you soon. Here's the walkthrough: And here's the secrets guide:
  2. Well, even it's not your thing, it's still cool you checked it out. Make sure to link the video once it's finished. As for the complaints:
  3. Well, basically, I had to decide for a topic on what I should do for my big project. I asked the professor for suggestions, and in return she asked on what are my interests and what am I comfortable with working on. And that's how I ended up here.
  4. Computer Graphics. And cool, good luck in your future endevours.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and participation. 4 answers already! As for the responding to the above post: Also, I realised that I forgot to include the walkthrough, I will add it to the OP in the near future.
  6. Hello, I'm the author of Toxic Plant, a WAD you recorded a demo and a video of a few years ago.


    I noticed that you took an interest in it of your own accord, months before decino made a video about it(I had to submit the WAD to him for that). Thanks! What made you want to play and record a demo of a random vanilla amateur map? Was the WAD interesting or likeable?


    Also, I planned to address this sooner, but I kinda got distracted or didn't know what to say. Cool UVMax run BTW.

  7. KUBA18i

    [wip] Doomworld Mega Project 2022 (3 folders)

    I guess I can join this too.
  8. yeah you can hook me up this year too
  9. KUBA18i

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    62,6 GB constitute of the idgames archive, more or less twice. Rest is source ports, PWADs, utilities AND WIP assets for my mods, among miscellany.
  10. KUBA18i

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Hello, I have managed to cobble together a map 1 hour and around 22 minutes before the deadline. It's a rushed mashup of my canned projects. Don't expect a masterpiece; I'm tired and I am sorry. GZDoom 4.5.0, enable jump/crouch/freelook, standard lightmode+dynamic lights. Requires 'OTEX_1.1.PK3'. Contains new actors, sounds, a new decal, new music pieces, 2 new textures and one 3d model. Jukebox + script are based on Milennia Invasion. Track names show the source of the music. I don't remember how I made that leaf, I think I just scanned a real leaf and photoshopped it. JMDMP.7z
  11. Merry Christmas, everyone. Sometimes, out of the blue, one of the rooms in my map starts bugging out, and becomes a HOM mess, despite looking fine in the editor. I do know of a workaround, but no proper solution nor the actual cause and prevention. I am posting a video demonstrating this bug. https://youtu.be/WySPKO3_PYg This WAD is WIP, and I don't want to release it yet, but I perhaps could provide it when necessary. From what I have noticed, if a room plays fine in the game, it may become corrupted later, upon creating new sectors and rooms elsewhere.
  12. KUBA18i

    My Dehextra patch doesn't work properly 😔

    Thanks. I have already figured it out by myself a few years ago by looking at Heretic invades Doom though. Only thing left to improve on would be the sound quality. LMP files work, but the alert sound is bad quality. PrBoom+ UM supports WAVs, and I heard they will play fine if you add reverb to them, but no luck on my end; it just plays at a low pitch. Submitting it so others can look how I fixed it in case they need help with it themselves. Shrekpls.7z
  13. I have attempted to construct a custom enemy for Boom compatible ports using Dehextra, but something went a bit wrong. The enemy, while, it does spawn and render as it should, seems to for the most part get stuck on a single frame, until it ends up in pain or death states. It also doesn't seem to produce sounds, so I don't know if they are badly defined, or the call for them never gets reached. I believe I have set the frames to loop properly, so I am not sure what the issue is. Below are screenshots of Whacked Beta. I am also including a zipfile that contains the ready-to-use wad with the assets, the bex patched and a test map in one file. And the bex patch itself as a standalone file as a bonus. Shrekplease.zip
  14. KUBA18i

    My Dehextra patch doesn't work properly 😔

    Okay, I took the suggestion from a decinocord patron and edited the dehacked file by hand with a text editor. It had turned out that the frames weren't pointed to like Whacked had shown. I managed to fix it. However, the sounds still don't seem to work for some reason. I checked the textfile, it should work. But it doesn't play, even if I conver the sounds to imp files. here's the new code:
  15. Bob Evans, Mark Klem, Jim Flynn. :-( Rest in Peace.
  16. KUBA18i


    How about "The Light is the Way Forward"?
  17. KUBA18i


    Done. This should be the final version. No custom track, so I hope the composers/leaders will provide me one. Contains a few sneaky easter eggs, that for a reason don't count towards the secret count. Revamped architecture, and by doing so, the combat as well. Unless there's a major problem with this one, I ask for it to be included in the OP ASAP. BTW, I played Going Down recently, and it also features small maps with doomcute architecture that utilises vanilla textures. I wonder if the OP is a fan of that WAD(and maybe even got inspired by it). Map27ThemegawadJM.zip
  18. KUBA18i

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    not sure if that's a scrap of wood, or some bloody gib
  19. KUBA18i

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    why would you drink something that's green
  20. KUBA18i

    Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

    Up Down Up Down Left Right Chu Chu Chu!
  21. KUBA18i

    how gamer are you

    I am a gamer, and I always will be.
  22. KUBA18i


    MAP18 of Ancient Aliens comes to mind, but other than that, can't really think of anything that might fuse both. As for interesting IoS maps, I can think of Excalibur from Eternal Doom, it's probably my favourite. But it's because the level that leads up to the fight is brilliant; the fight itself is pretty on par. BTW, I forgot. Whoever compiled this map forgot to coonvert some lumps from PNG to doom image format. Please remember to fix.
  23. KUBA18i


    Just played the released maps in the beta version of the WAD, linked in the OP. My honest thoughts: Map05 - Small/short, but fun to play. Map06 - I really liked this one. I loved the creative use of detailing. Map11 - Much like MAP06, I dig the detailing. I like how it feels like you're on a plane that lands in the end. Map12 - Well, this one took me a while to finish, and the detailing/architecture isn't as interesting as the other ones. I kinda didn't know where to go a lot, so I guess it's good for the mapper that they managed to get more playtime out of a small map like this. Map14 - Fancy hotel or something. I would enjoy this more if there weren't so many damaging floors. I also don't appreciate the crammed bullet spongy enemies in tight spaces, especially due to the damaging floors. Map19 - Cool architecture and detailing, and the combat seemed fine. I like it. Map22 - Kinda unusual, is pretty short too. Not sure what to say; I guess it's fine. Map23 - I like the architecture, even if it's not as inventive as Maps 6, 11 and 19. The gameplay feels much better once you know from the get go where the SSG is. So far, I have a feeling that this Megawad's gonna be good. @RemoveUwU Damn, I have been there before. In case you can connect to the drive and interact with it, I strongly recommend you to use software like PhotoRec to recover your files. Maybe with TestDisk, you will be able to recover your partition, but I don't know what it's like on your side. Remember, that if you write new data to the drive or format it, data recovery will be harder, if not impossible.