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  1. intx

    Hell Revealed II

    The WAD prides itself with being one of the the most difficult WADs that exist. The first few levels are hard but fun. You're curious if you can escape the situations you are put in. But by level 10 or so it becomes clear that HR2 is not hard, it's just unfair and tedious. You are put in situations where you're forced to take damage. You're trapped in a room with four baron of hells. You wasted all your energy ammo on the boss battle before, not anticipating the situation you were put in and you cannot use rocket launcher because there is no room to evade the splash damage. Unfortunately, this happens in every map. After reloading and planning for those situations (that do not require skill but only the use of the quick load button) you again have to chew through dozens of hard-to-kill monsters. When you press that button and are greeted again with 20 revenants, 10 hell knights, 10 baron of hells and 3 arch-viles. There is an abundance of ammo and enough cover to easily kill them off, but you still question every action that took you to reload and tediously gun them down again for 5 straight minutes. In short: The map design is uninteresting. The layout mostly alright. This WAD puts you in unfair positions and makes you tediously chew through hordes of monsters without any real demand for skill. There is a lack of interesting monster encounters. All in all, 2/5 stars, do not recommend.
  2. intx


    Fuck jump scares! There is absolutely nothing artistic in a jump scare and it's only used by people who have zero imagination or creativity. Not sure if horror does belong into doom. On the other hand, I remember that Doom 2016 did radiate some tension on the first playthrough, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But I think that defines better as terror, than horror.
  3. intx

    Bethesda.net issues

    A buggy piece of shit game can't be fixed either. For example that for years their fucking games depend on frames per second for any calculation instead of delta time. Or the non-existing optimisation. Fallout 4 had shitty performance for the state of the fame. Fallout 76 has even shittier performance and looks exactly like Fallout 4. The engine is utter garbage and yet people still buy that crap. Don't get me started on the controls...
  4. intx

    Bethesda.net issues

    Better not build up hope. You'll be disappointed for sure.
  5. Pretty much. I don't see any question.
  6. Who renamed this thread? 😂
  7. Yes, because it's a shooter.
  8. I don't understand your sentiment at all. It's a fast paced action shooter. The key cards are placed where they are, because it's not the focus of the game to provide puzzles. And for those who demand puzzles anyway, id put a whole bunch of secrets into the game. So if you want puzzles, go for a 100% run. The puzzles are extremely well placed. Always fair and sometimes so obvious, you just facepalm when you finally find them. So there are a ton of puzzles in the game and you complain about the keycard placing?
  9. intx

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    I don't think the demo video claims to show every single hero. But yeah, it's funny that we don't see them in like 20 minutes of gameplay videos. But hell razers are also DOOM 2016 art style and they don't fit in the game if not reworked. We'll see.
  10. intx

    "It's too cartoony"

  11. intx

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    I don't care. I loved the concept, but that's about it. I found Snapmaps really boring and generic.
  12. While not original in the sense of Doom 1+2, I was a bit disappointed what Mick did to the main title of Doom 3 by Tweaker. Whenever I hear Micks interpretation, my head just want's to continue the song but is immediately disappointed when the melody suddenly stops and repeats itself, over and over again. I just want him to "fix" that :)
  13. intx

    "It's too cartoony"

    You're speaking from my soul. Now that I've seen the cartoony look of DOOM Eternal, I am disappointed because that is not the path that I was hoping for Bethesda to continue. Demons and Humans look outright caricaturistic. I just can't overcome the disbelief the aesthetics emanate. In regards of pure story telling, I was glad that they threw out all the ridiculous ideas that Doom 1+2 were (silly bunny). In my opinion that was absolutely fitting for 1993 and with the manpower and technology that id had to make due and I truly think Doom 1+2 were great games. And as much fun as killing demons is also in DOOM, I want the game to tell a compelling and believable story. (And I think many people feel the same, otherwise Duke Nukem Forever wouldn't have flopped so hard.) I loved the approach that you could have as much story as you wanted in DOOM or close to none at all if you are just enjoying killing demons in a thousand ways while feeling absolutely powerful. While I didn't read most of the data logs, I found the story telling and the visual story telling was enthralling and believable. DOOM:E throws all that out of the window. Another big gripe of me is that id Software tried to inflate the coolness of everything. I am a big, big fan of the Praetor suit. It looked absoutely badass but at the same time it fitted visually to the agile game play, while still giving the feeling of being a piece of real tough armor. In DOOM:E they emphasized the agile gameplay even more, while putting the Doomguy in a clunky, fat suit. With the biceps exposed. It's ridiculous. The last time I found this cool was in 8th grade.