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  1. The title should now read ..... with 8 prototype builds They uploaded all builds archived by Joe Siegler, and Hendricks266 (duke4) did some magic with the menus. This is like a history of game development.
  2. A where did you hear that?
  3. Phoenix

    Questions that I can't ask Google (#1?)

    http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/bamboozle If you are happy and sad simultaneously you fooled yourself, in my opinion. Sample, I'm happy I closed a good deal with someone. Later: After reading the fine print of the contract I'm angry, because my fees are not high enough to fulfill all those hidden demands. So I was happy and now I'm very angry. Similar with the world. If I look at my neighborhood, I'm happy, birds, trees and and kids playing on green grass. Open the new, wars, slander, hate etc. All happiness forgotten, get a bit angry. I think, one can be happy and sad and angry during a day, but not in the same instance, which brings me back to bamboozled. ;P Fanfiction, OK, 0 ideas.
  4. Phoenix

    Questions that I can't ask Google (#1?)

    Use DuckDuckGo instead of snooping Google http://www.moddb.com/mods/starship-troopers-tc Making a TC is making Fanfiction. Are you asking if someone made a fan fiction of a fan fiction? People stopped using 'it' where ever possible, ever since the Thought Police is trying to teach that gender identification is passé, hurts those that don't know if they are male or female, want gender-less washrooms etc etc. Depends what you are blinking; a flash light on/off makes some noise. Angry+Happy=bamboozled Try to get an answer from the GTA fans, or I have no clue. Only you can answer that.
  5. Phoenix

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    One Gem lost in time, in the Build engine family, was Fate. Or at least I did not see it in this thread. http://www.r-t-c-m.com/knowledge-base/build-games/fate.html After the developer issued the demo, they went out of business. The enemies are top notch for one, very sad the game never seen the light of day.
  6. Phoenix

    Forums are dead

    I'm shocked to read Nietzsche in the same sentence as Social Media, since I use neither. Social media = peeps sending messages via phone to peeps sitting across the table. Nietzsche is actually dead; and I think it is better to think for oneself, rather than to try understand what other might have thought. New forum looks alive, but I show here like once a year or less.
  7. You need to edit your script first, and give it a gravity factor. Sample in ZDoom https://zdoom.org/wiki/Sector_SetGravity and first, go here to get started, step by step https://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS Never used Doom Builder, nor do I know if it has an text editor. You can edit scripts with Slade, it's updated. http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=about
  8. Phoenix

    Your first time playing Doom

    1. When was the first time you ever played Doom? 1996, at an office. 2. Which version? Doom II 3. What do you remember from your first playthroughs? Finding secrets was key to survive the hordes, and a good keyboard setup. (I'm left handed) 4. How did you feel at that time? compared to how you feel nowadays playing it. Honestly, a little to very much stupid. Here I am, looking for exits and keys and weapons ... and killed again.
  9. Yes. What ever one likes is what one likes.
  10. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos by Academy of St. Martin in the Fields for more modern music Skinny Puppy HanDover
  11. Doesn't matter to me right now, I have this link book marked. I'm simply happy Doom is being worked on after all those years. Shall we say thanks in advance? Again cheers :)
  12. This looks very good! Downloaded, and playing. Cheers !
  13. Phoenix

    What are some odd/cool talents you have?

    I can post. I think it's like 9 years ago since I last posted here. This is amazing. Well, to me
  14. Phoenix

    IE8 is the best browser in the world!

    not sure if I should post this, right now we flaming IE, it's very dangerous to go against this growd - I installed Firefox. Sure enaugh, even so I got Flash comming out of my ears on my comp, it (Firefox) reminded me to downloaded it on every site I visited with flash content. Every thing, from my sites, and others did not load. I stick with IE6 for now. Firefox seems is a nicer browser, less cluttered p, but I have no patience interfacing a browser with my system, nor study help files to get it working. I know people hate Windows, but they cater to the non-pro, microwave generation, ignoramuses, which is the vast majority ... btw I am also one of them :D I don't know everything.
  15. Phoenix

    IE8 is the best browser in the world!

    I don't think Microsoft is desparate. Mozilla was/is open source, therefore the choice, of students who learn programming and web languages would be that browser. Looks to me that site caters to such studends. Having said that, 90% of computers sold have Windows intalled, and with it comes IE. This is a tough act to beat. Anyway, I just donloaded Firefox ... if I am not back in a day, ... well
  16. Phoenix

    Why the hell is hell mostly gothic?

    Hell to me is a month in Churchill (way up north) cold, icy, windy Wooden Baracks, the fire seems to do as much as a match ... and the sun is allway somewhere around ... but how can you put that into a game?
  17. Phoenix

    IE8 is the best browser in the world!

    I don't get it! What's wrong with Flash? I love it! (I know it's off topic, but when did Doomworld ever keep on one subject?)
  18. Phoenix

    How do you call your saved games?

    1 a 1 b 1 c and so on, until I worked out the level 2 a etc.. I know boring, but hey they ain't no rules
  19. Phoenix

    Computer game nostalgia

    my first game was on an ibm, sort of 2D starfighter game, black and white, on floppy disks, boring really - than a chess game, I think I only beat it once - Genesis came along with Sonic - then i got a 386 and DoomII. This got me hooked, on gaming. I think I might be one of the oldest guys here, but before Doom, I simlpy did not play games.
  20. Phoenix

    Japan makes a walking robot!

    can you at least give a hint? google gave 'nichts'
  21. Phoenix

    Arafat officially dead

    what does Blair got to do with anything? Bush got the most votes, thus does actually have a mandate, so does Blair.
  22. Phoenix

    John Carmack - 18 min Video.

    Yep, 192 hours and counting ...
  23. Phoenix

    retarded sites

    Can it have Quake stuff as well?