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  1. Last night I rewatched Mulan. The last time I saw it was definitely on the theater, and I have to say it holds up really nice. The animation looks very good for a 20 year old movie. The comedy is well executed and it does feels ahead of its time in dealing with the female lead dynamic.

    Only thing I felt was off was the montage in act 2. Mulan just becomes a kick-ass good soldier just by singing a song and well, it pulled me out of the story.

    4 out of 5.

  2. My comment won't add anything new to the mix, but when I first played Doom 2 I remember thinking that you were being dealt damage during the fire animation (I guess being engulfed in flames does not hurt you?). So I could definitely change those flames to a different indicator that you're about to be hit.

  3. Mine's the name of an old delta blues guitar player and a good friend of mine. He was a mentor of sorts and taught me everything I know. He recorded only one 78rpm record in 1927 on the Paramount Label, which also issued recordings by Charlie Patton, Ma Rainey, and Blind Lemon Jefferson in the late 1920s. The only remaining copy of the recording was in John Fahey's record collection, but it was stolen.

    Edit: Here's a picture of the original label:


  4. On 10/9/2018 at 9:04 AM, bonnie said:

    It's so good in fact, that it was really disappointing to find out that no source port has support for anything even close the controls of the 360 version. It controls about as perfectly as Doom possibly can on a controller, with Doom 2 even including a highly effective quick-select for weapons on the dpad. If you're boring, I would strongly recommend the 360 version. 

    That d-pad quick select is what dreams are made of.

  5. I saw Captain Phillips for the first time a month ago. It's a nicely done movie, and it's so well casted. The somalian actors in that are on point as the pirates. Tom Hanks gives a good performance, not his best, but he was ok.

  6. On 11/13/2018 at 12:30 AM, Major Arlene said:

    just a fun poke, 'tis all. welcome to you as well! :D
    it would seem we all come to this place just to ask a question and go, and then we end up staying forever. I literally came here to ask one question, too. aaaand... ended up staying 5 years. it's been great! :3

    i've never seen that movie, but I think I'm going to now!

    For me it was a staple of the VHS rental era. I wish I still had it so you could borrow it, but it's probably on Netflix or something.

    As for the actual topic, I've never heard of an arcade game with a prize t-shirt. I remember Atari gave out iron-on patches for high scores, but not t-shirts, and definitely not around y2k. Maybe you could ask him what the game was? It seems he would remember it given how fond he was of the shirt.

  7. 3 hours ago, Major Arlene said:

    ah, the good ol' "signed up to make one post" member!

    Hey! I'm new around here and I feel offended by that statement!

    On a different note, that shootout scene with the Doom 2 cabinet was the bomb!
    The soundtrack was good too.