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  1. My map was rejected on related grounds. It would have been nice going into this knowing whether or not maps should have been designed for continuous play or pistol starting, which map types and/or gimmicks were off limits, and what the target difficulty was.
  2. I misread the part where you said ExitSign and for some reason saw ExitDoor, which is definitely a mea culpa. The other stuff.. The right exit (the nasty one) can be done without strafe running. I made sure of that. The safe one requires it. As for everything else, I clearly misjudged the target difficulty, although I will point out that below UV the map gets much, much easier. I've fixed the texture problem, but I think I'll be withdrawing my map from consideration. I don't think I can meet your gameplay requirements without a complete reworking of the entire map, and that doesn't sound like a good time at this point.
  3. If you have the time, please kick the tires on It's going to be my submission for this month's 3x3x3 challenge. It's Boom compatible and uses DOOM2.WAD. You can get it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tGU2u0tKZmDEka8OySTkL8Q8sOd0cRa2/view?usp=sharing Some play notes: It's basically trying to be a Plutonia Map 11, and the difficulty levels ramp up geometrically. Unless you're into pistol starting Against Thee Wickedly as a warm up, maybe try it on a difficulty lower than UV.
  4. A.o.D.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Vibe Check incoming. This is for the April 3x3x3 community project. I'll be releasing soon.
  5. Excuse me but this is not the devil daggers forum.
  6. I will be submitting an entry. Here's what the (partially finished) central arena will look like.
  7. There's no time limit other than the end of April, right? This is, uh, going to take a while.
  8. A.o.D.

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [RC Final]

    edit: I was able to replicate the scenario, but it turns out that there is a switch I overlooked because only part of it is poking above the floor (maybe 2-3 pixels of switch) because I broke the sequence. The good news is that the room still works if you sequence break, I just didn't recognize the switch to continue lowering the sections.
  9. A.o.D.

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [RC Final]

    In map 7 it's possible to break the lowering room with the Red key if you interact with the wall immediately behind the Red Skull Key. Why did I do that instead of interacting with the switch? That wall was a different color and I was looking for secrets. I eventually ended up in the lowermost (?) part on the left hand side (using this screenshot as a left/right reference) with nothing to interact with and no means of escape.
  10. While I appreciate the answers, I was hoping for a context free gallery where I could look at the textures and see if maybe they inspired anything in me. I guess I could just look at them in UDB, I suppose.
  11. A.o.D.

    What if Map1, but Archviles?

    Here's a stream of me playing the final version of this map on UV. I miss the BFG grab, but still clear the final room without much difficulty. I think I maybe made it too easy? Or maybe I just know how it works so I automatically used the optimal strategy. It's hard how to gauge these things when you know what all the tricks and traps are.
  12. A.o.D.

    What is your favorite map, that you made

    Always the most recent one.
  13. Is there an OTEX gallery someplace?