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  1. Never mind, the texture set REALLY doesn't work for what I have in mind. Sorry.
  2. Do the Master Levels count as a community project?
  3. Another question: Is this floor in MAP05 supposed to do damage? You give a rad suit right before grabbing the blue key, but I can stand in it just fine without one.
  4. A.o.D.

    (Boom) Making barrels explode on linedef?

    a barrel won't go through a teleporter if there's another Thing blocking the destination. A monster has the same restriction. You can teleport a voodoo doll into a barrel but that will likely kill the player.
  5. I downloaded this yesterday and found this fun little bug in map02. It's probably too late to fix this in the id release, but I thought you might like to know that idiots like me still can't help looking for secrets in maps with no tagged secrets.
  6. A.o.D.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A follow up to my previous post: This is the final arena.
  7. Tired of playing Doom? Watch some TV instead.
  8. This has certainly been done before, but I'm doing it here. This is a different part of the same map
  9. I also found this busted sector. Looks like the node builder was screaming in agony.
  10. I couldn't figure out what the problem was, so I deleted everything in my GZDoom folder, to include configurations, and started fresh. That fixed the sound.
  11. None of the custom sounds or music plays for me. What could be causing this?
  12. Monitoring this project in hopes of a truly epic DISASTER AREA
  13. A.o.D.

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    That worked! Thank you both so very much for your help! edit: Is there a way to get GZDoom to follow the same behavior?
  14. A.o.D.

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Is there somewhere I can go to read how to do this?
  15. A.o.D.

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    I It's a map I'm working on in an upcoming Community Project called "Diseases and Casualties, This Year Being 1632" and the map name is "Made away themselves". What's the minimum threshold for line scrollers to work correctly in PRBoom? I'd rather fix the map to work across all ports instead of carving out a special exception.