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  1. It is a great song! But my all-time favourite of Metallica will always be Master of Puppets.
  2. I know My god like I fucking love green day so much like omfg like if I could I would totally wanna meet them and interview them and have sex with them I meant shake their hands and play a song with them and and and and maybe wear their clothes and then uh uhhhhhh um look at naked pictures of them on the internet I MEANT DRAW FULLY CLOTHED DRAWINGS OF THEM FOR THE INTERNET also, more good songs of them: Good Riddance (Time of your life) Wake me up when September ends 21 guns 20th century breakdown
  3. I most certainly can And it's Green Day You can talk shit about new Green Day saying "old Green Day is better" but to me old and new is good. (And yes, I know you didn't even mention new or old Green Day. Just wanna say that.) Also I do have more than one favourite band. It's simply that Green Day is my top favourite of all my favourites.
  4. Hey, so I just wanted to make a fun little thread to show people your opinion on the best songs by the best bands. For me, the best band is Green Day (I know I've said it before but not everyone on here has seen it, not even remotely close). So for the best Green Day songs ever, I'd choose a lot. Here's a list: Basket Case Chump/Longview Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams Jesus of Suburbia Platypus (I Hate You) When I Come Around Android Welcome to Paradise American Idiot Fuck Time King For A Day Shout Take Back 21st Century Breakdown
  5. Vanessa

    hey so I need more mod help and shit

    ...that's already how I do it But thank you for trying to help me!
  6. Vanessa

    hey so I need more mod help and shit

    Thanks! Really helped a lot man. :)
  7. I'm gonna make another DooM mod soon. I'm hoping to have @Doomkid do the maps and I have asked if he can. Anyways, that is not the point of this thread: I wanted to ask two questions so I could get help with the topics. Question number one: How do I get one custom monster to replace more than one vanilla monster in SLADE 3? Can I even do that? Question number two: What if I make two custom weapons replace one vanilla weapon so that sometimes you get one custom weapon, sometimes you get the other, would that work? Would it fuck my mod up?
  8. Vanessa

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    I'm with Agent6, we need both. A list of newest releases and list of newest reviews are two things we need and we got one of 'em.
  9. Vanessa

    Best Single Map WADs

    I don't know any single map wads, but I do know a great fucking mappack. It's called EARTH.wad. other than that I have nothing more to say.
  10. Vanessa

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    Why not just test it and let me see what comes out?
  11. Vanessa

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    I think you'd like these. If you want I'll make all the sprites of it and send a message to you with them all and then send one with them all in a spritesheet.
  12. Vanessa

    What Do You Think Of The Doom Slayer?

    okay let's stop now because this'll start a fight so let's just agree to disagree about DOOM 4/(2026)'s title
  13. I have a message for you guys.

    So there are some people who only do stuff that's difficult but try to succeed just to impress others. I think if you do that, you shouldn't. You can impress people every once in a while, but it's a good idea to just live life the way YOU want to live life. And if you wanna live life by playing DooM on the I'm too young to die! difficulty every time, I say you go do that. Don't just play it on harder difficulties to impress others, or not look like a sissy. To me, the most impressive thing you can do is live life how YOU choose and the way YOU want and to not worry how others want you to be or the way everyone else wants you to do something. Live how you would want to, not how a hot girl or your best friend wants you to. I guess what I'm saying is: BE YOU. Because if you try to be someone else because you think no one would like the way you are, that makes you someone you aren't. So just be yourself, because that's the best thing to be.

    To those of you who read this, thank you, and please share this message with everyone you can, so that people can learn the importance of being who they want.

    Have a good day. :)

  14. Vanessa

    Craving some piping hot duck for dinner

    well I found a diff duck want this one?
  15. Vanessa

    What Do You Think Of The Doom Slayer?

    I get what you're saying but my point is: Doom3 is not a good game because it took DooM and tried to completely convert it to horror and took AWAY the fast-paced action of the original. And the characters are not that great at all it very much does exist because that's what DOOM (2016) actually is, DOOM 4. DOOM (2016) is a bad name due to the fact that it is NOT a remake and rather a 4th game that takes place right after the second game, basically saying Doom3 never happened (like with Halloween, making the new movies that completely erase the story that the sequels brought).