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  1. Redfive11

    help a beginner out here man!

    the loop isnt supposed to end, but even if i made it so on death loop was false it wouldnt matter anyway this is a good idea , but if you make it a resource it doesnt put the maps in the game, only assets
  2. Redfive11

    help a beginner out here man!

    i meant running doom2 via gzdoom
  3. Redfive11

    help a beginner out here man!

    So im making this mod that just uses the doom 2 assets, but im doing some ACS scripting for it and im using slade. im trying to make this wad run the script on any map you give it, but if i run the mod on doom2 the script doesnt do anything. Any ideas? heres the code:
  4. Redfive11

    Presenting... the ARENA OF DOOM!!!

    just uploaded a video of map gameplay!
  5. Redfive11

    Presenting... the ARENA OF DOOM!!!

    pun very intended. am i cool now?
  6. This is my map mod so hey, not to rough. (but i would like some feedback) A rift has ripped open between Earth and Hell itself! Doomguy must save the world and KILL ALL DEMONS!!! But, the demons are pouring out of the rift infinantly... Can Doomguy suppress the demonic forces of hell? This mod is a infinite arena shooter where you fend off the creatures of hell for as long as possible. think serious sam like. This mod is just a map with some code so it works with most weapon/gore/addon mods. (but brutal doom v21 turns some of the enemys into deathmatch bots) My favorite mod to play with this one is High Noon Drifter: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=57098 Here's the download: https://github.com/redfive11/ArenaOfDoom norm trailer: Heres a gameplay trailer: Have a nice day!
  7. Redfive11

    Presenting... the SELTZER OF DOOM

    reading that physically and mentally hurt me. yes, good idea...
  8. Redfive11

    Presenting... the SELTZER OF DOOM

    Hi, my name is redfive11 and this is my second mod! ~~~~ SELTZER OF DOOM ~~~~ im not very good at this, but just slap the wad onto the GZDOOM icon or put it in your map and it'll work (i think) Basicly, this is what it does: - replaces all stimpaks with seltzer/soda - seltzer heals a total of 15 HP over 3 frames of animation - select seltzer with 8, click to use' - can hold up to 10 cans at a time - DOOMGUY burps after every drink Feel free to do anything with my mod! download link: https://github.com/redfive11/SELTZER-OF-DOOM
  9. Redfive11

    Trumpet of DOOM - A Doom weapon mod

    heres the link again if it doesnt work: https://github.com/redfive11/Trumpet-of-DOOM-Doom-WAD-
  10. Heres a weapon mod i made! its my first mod, so be gentle pls, but i would like some feedback! Put it in the resources, all it does is make shotguns trumpets, but its really fun. download: https://github.com/redfive11/Trumpet-of-DOOM-Doom-WAD-