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  1. Redfive11

    How do I change doomguys sprite?

  2. So im making a machinima thing and I dont know how to change doomguy's sprites to a different "playermodel". An example would be if there was a mirror and when the player looked in the mirror he looked like a pinky, or a chicken or something.
  3. Redfive11

    My first WAD: Butthole

    That was hecking a m a z i n g. thank you for making that. amazing first map. The only things i didnt like was sometimes these textures would enter the hyperspace glitch and also not enough ammo on the last level. You could have given berserk along with the invincibility and that part would have been fine.
  4. Redfive11

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Im working on a postal 2 inspired map, I only have the first intro level done, though (ive been getting back into it, and I worked 2 days to finish one apartment :( ) But anyway, here it is: doomsday.zip The map is very intractable, so most things if you press "E" on you can inspect or something. This is my 2nd map, too. I run it in GZdoom, (Doom in Hexen format) using both doom 1 and doom 2 wad files. ALSO, Im having there be 3 "tasks" to do in the map pack, much like in postal 2. Currently, I only have ideas for two of the tasks, so if you have ideas I would greatly appreciate them
  5. Redfive11


    I really like the archvile placement, kinda like a wizard on top of a tower thats shooting spells at you. Very interesting. Otherwise, theres not enough ammo to kill all the enemys in the level without cheats or punching people. Also, its not good (in my opinion) to set the spawn to where you can immediately get shot, and there was no ending on the 2nd level. But i played it in vanilla GZdoom, so maybe it depends.
  6. Redfive11

    How to make script usable more than once

    Thanks RonnieJamesDiner and Edward850. I would have never seen that, and it fixed my problem!
  7. Im using GZdoom, doom builder, doom in hexen format, and slade. Hello! Thank you for helping me answer my question. I recently got back into doom modding and I got stuck on this feature for my map, so basically I want the player to have to pick up two "key" weapons before he can exit his apartment. How i've done this is by checking the players inventory in a script every time he presses "E" on his front door, and if he has both items he can leave to the next map. But, here's my problem: The script will only run once, not every time he presses "E" on the door to check for the items. How can I fix this? Code: Ive tried everything I could find and have scoured the Zdoom wiki, pls help.
  8. Redfive11

    Best map ever made

    hi guys im bored and i made this bad map pls download and then throw it in the garbage. https://github.com/redfive11/BestWADEverMade bye
  9. Redfive11

    help a beginner out here man!

    the loop isnt supposed to end, but even if i made it so on death loop was false it wouldnt matter anyway this is a good idea , but if you make it a resource it doesnt put the maps in the game, only assets
  10. Redfive11

    help a beginner out here man!

    i meant running doom2 via gzdoom
  11. Redfive11

    help a beginner out here man!

    So im making this mod that just uses the doom 2 assets, but im doing some ACS scripting for it and im using slade. im trying to make this wad run the script on any map you give it, but if i run the mod on doom2 the script doesnt do anything. Any ideas? heres the code:
  12. Redfive11

    Presenting... the ARENA OF DOOM!!!

    just uploaded a video of map gameplay!