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  1. uber

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Thanks for the kind words! Was a lot of fun to work on the titlepic, hope you all like the result :)
  2. uber

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    maybe next time you should not VIBE so much to GOOD MUSIC
  3. uber

    Doomcute thread

  4. for what it's worth, i personally consider "vanilla" wads to be a subset of vanilla-compatible wads. the former are basically just levelsets that might have cosmetic changes via custom textures or sprite replacements, but otherwise keep all gameplay mechanics intact as they were in the iwads, say memento mori, d(2)twid, etc. then vanilla-compatible is the whole set of wads that can run in the original executables or chocolate doom without the need of modern sourceport features, but might introduce major changes in the way the game plays, with custom monsters or weapons like in strain or rowdy rudy, and also old total conversions like batman doom. but then again, that's a mostly arbitrary and admittedly kinda blurry distinction i made for myself. btsx, for instance, plays just like doom 2 but has so many new textures and even some unnoticeable dehacked patches (if i'm not mistaken) that it'd be strange to put it in the same category as, say, fava beans, even though it makes sense from a "featureset" point of view. and also, almost all levelpacks change the automap names using dehacked - would that mean that technically none of them are truly vanilla?
  5. uber

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sunlust

    category: 2 died on: map09 (arrived at 1:03:30) been a while since i last played this wad, so that plus being used to pistol-starting everything without pressure made this run an absolute snoozefest full of peeking, chaingunning mid-tiers and eating rev rockets for days. still, considering how i rarely play past map05, i'm glad i made it this far :) died in the most embarrassing way possible, memed on by the cyberdemon i apparently forgot existed while trying to remember which way to go, lol. and to add insult to injury, i pressed use out of reflex and restarted the map... sunlust_dwil_uber.zip
  6. uber

    How Do Ya Like Your Coffee?

    i'm an all-or-nothing kinda guy: either strong and black with no sugar, or disgustingly sweet.
  7. uber

    The BEST Way To Play Gran Turismo 2

    hah, thanks for the video! i was using duckstation for gt2 already after years of epsxe, but had no idea that silent had patches for the japanese 1.1 release, nor that he had been working on additional graphics improvements. was stuck playing at 30 because i've always preferred the japanese release's racing music (and wanted to learn the language too), so this comes in really handy :) by the way, might be worth mentioning that enabling cd-rom read and seek speedup greatly helps when navigating menus - makes checking out dealerships and especially tuning shops much less tedious, and doesn't seem to have any serious side effects that i know of.
  8. another thing that makes the whole idea practically impossible are the custom monster and weapon replacements that would inevitably conflict unless you remade every single one as a separate actor/weapon. you'd end up playing something like btsx with valiant monsters, adventures of square weapons and random decorations replaced by enemies because they were used as dehacked fodder.
  9. uber

    Post your Doom textures!

    not exactly the most adequate place to post it at the moment, but making a separate thread would be pointless and i already posted screenshots here, so :p here's a pretty-much-final version of my font aoi, but in white get it?. big one comes only as a pcx sheet as i couldn't get a fon2 lump to generate properly (if anyone could help me out with that i'd be super grateful!), small font comes as a pcx sheet too, but also as a wad with all offsets adjusted and as individual letters, since exporting all the lumps from the wad was easy enough. have fun with it! downloar
  10. uber

    Dread Factory (First time OTEX!)

    pretty cool stuff! first off, gotta echo what murdoch and biodegradable are saying overall: awesome visuals, but gameplay feels a bit on the cruel side. however, i'd say that only really applies to the beginning, which feels way, way tougher than the rest of the map, at least until you figure out a proper route. after a couple of restarts and just messing around to learn the layout and item placement i was able to just run past everyone all the way to the ssg and then the map becomes much easier overall, especially if you also pick up the berserk to heal up before "the fight". not just because of the extra firepower, though: traps in general seem much more tame past that point, and ammo and health seem plentiful too, or maybe i was just lucky and didn't get hit as often. in fact, i was hovering around 50%+ bullets and shells / 100% health most of the time, which isn't really item starvation i'd say! even the final teleport gauntlet with the twin archviles and friends wasn't super difficult even when i was missing the rocket launcher (my dumb ass ran around the crates without finding the switch to lower it) and (i assume secret?) plasma gun, but it still made for a very fun encounter. extra info: i played it uv saveless on gzdoom w/ boom strict compatibility settings, as it crashes on dsda-doom for some reason. might be worth looking into as the map doesn't seem to use any specific port features from what i've seen: edit: oh my god, i actually didn't see the plasma gun during the final fight. well, i guess that's a self-imposed challenge then :p