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  1. uber

    My first 2 maps (Doom II)

    interesting set of maps, but can't really say i'm a fan of the first one's gameplay type, at least not anymore - feels like i'm spending more time trying to understand what i'm supposed to do/where i'm supposed to go instead of actually progressing, until it finally "clicks" and the map starts to make sense (at which point i'm usually too tired/bored to find the whole thing satisfying). i understand that's kind of the whole point of these "combat puzzlemaps", and i'd been all over this kind of map some time ago, but i guess i'm turning into a bit of a casual, lol. still pretty well made, just not something i personally like very much. second map was a major improvement, though, both in looks and gameplay. really digging the visual theme there, and it overall felt a lot more enjoyable during a blind playthrough, with a better sense of progression and more interesting fights. not sure whether you're supposed to kill the archviles before going into the final area - it's a bit tedious, but it makes the whole fight rather trivial, and you can also just take the blue key as soon as it lowers, carving your way through the imps with plasma, and run towards the exit without much trouble.
  2. uber

    whats your highest play time in your steam library

    not really surprising considering it was the reason i got steam in the first place :p
  3. having fun with usimplicity's bigfont and otex's metal textures
  4. hey, here's an almost-fda on uv, gzdoom 4.6.0 (had to interrupt my actual first recording after grabbing the super shotgun): aorta.rar
  5. (please ignore the misaligned support)
  6. After downloading an emulator to play Daytona USA 2 again (which is an awesome game that deserves more recognition, but I digress), I got hooked on Sega's Model 3 racers, which led me to a rather obscure title I'd never played or even seen in an arcade before: Le Mans 24. I instantly fell in love with the soundtrack, as I'm a sucker for that 90s jazzy/funky style that was so prevalent in japanese racing games of that era. A lot of the tracks have a nice Gran Turismo-esque feel to them, and there's also a bit of Sonic CD in there. It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but Gate Of Trials, Sliding Way, Endure More (which could easily pass as a song from the first GT) and A.T.C (Domination) are some of the most memorable in my opinion. Overall I think it complements the rest of the main Model 3 racers' music very well, and it's definitely worth a listen.
  7. uber

    Rank Mapping Qualities in Order of Importance

    1. Gameplay - Always top priority for me. While a good looking map will still stun you no matter how many times you've played it, I'm more fond of fun and highly replayable maps, even if their visuals are subpar, especially when matched with good music. Run-and-gun and fast flowing gameplay is doom at its very best in my opinion, and the relative simplicity of the core mechanics makes it not feel so overwhelming even when things get hectic. Skillsaw's work is the perfect example of what I look for in maps, his design strongly emphasizing good flow and action - while not sacrificing style either, but that's not the point here. 2. Music - Ranked this much higher up than most people here. A memorable song, or at least a fitting one, completely makes or breaks a map in my opinion, and even influences my playing style and preferences in a wad. Maps with my favorite music are usually the ones i clev to whenever I'm in the mood for a short session, even if others might be more enjoyable from a pure gameplay perspective. 3. Map Layout/Item placement - Decided to lump these two points together since I think they're too closely related as to separate them. I tend to prefer more linear (not fully linear of course) rather than super sprawling and complex maps, but there's a place for everything. I find backtracking boring as all hell, so creative ways to link every part of the map together is a huge plus in my book. Also, item progression should always dictate the flow of the gameplay. It's a great tool to incentivize the player to more around and explore more of the map: don't force me to shotgun a baron 10 seconds into the map, make me try and avoid him until I can get my hands on something better! 4. Difficulty - I like a good challenge, but not something absurd either. However, I'd rather play a map that is just out of my league than one that I can beat on autopilot. 5. Atmosphere - I'm taking this to mean general theming, which often goes hand in hand with the atmosphere of a map. I'm a sucker for abstract themes, especially those with lots of dark metal, lighting effects, scrolling textures and colored accent lights - Ribbiks' style is my favorite by far, his maps check all the boxes in terms of design (while also kicking my ass mercilessly), and he's the prime inspiration for my own mapping. Castles and other medieval styles aren't really my kinda thing, since they also tend to go against my preferred gameplay styles (cramped spaces, confusing layouts, slow paced), but I can absolutely enjoy them given they play well. 6. Texturing - Mostly referring to texture choices and alignment here. Same as above. 7. Geometry - Again, referring to the way the atmosphere/theming is executed in terms of complexity and polish. While still important, I'd prefer a map with rather simplistic geometry but excellent texture usage to a bland one with tons of sectors and complex architecture. 8. Uniqueness - Added this one to compensate for merging map layout and item placement, mostly referring to maps in the same wad. Surprisingly enough, I don't mind playing the nth techbase map in a row that much, as long as there's something to set it apart from the rest, be it a particular gameplay gimmick or a twist on the main theme. BTSX is a good example: some people find the first episode too homogeneous, and while it's true that overall there's not a ton of variation in terms of themes, details such as the usage of varying color schemes, music styles and gameplay philosophies are enough to make them feel different somehow while still remaining consistent. 9. Map Size/Length - As long as it doesn't go on for half an hour even when speedrunning, I'm pretty much fine with anything. Usually the sweet spot for me is between 3 to 10 minutes (after I've learned the map obviously, for blind runs it's usually 10+ min as I try to 100% the level) though, since I play saveless. 10. Story - Naturally, if I had two almost identical mapsets I'd pick up the one with the better (or actually present) story, but it's the least of my concerns. A natural progression between maps is also very nice to have, but since I always pistol start part of the effect is lost that way. Regarding text screens or lore, I couldn't care less about exposition 90% of the time, environmental storytelling is way more effective. I won't deny that it can set the mood though, as long as the writing is good enough.
  8. Tried my hand at scenebuilding a tf2-styled japanese shrine-thingy. Maybe I'll get some ideas for doom maps along the way.

  9. uber

    Does Coding Require Any Math?

    I'm pretty sure more experienced coders are going to answer in a more detailed and accurate way, but in my very limited experience, it really depends on what kind of thing you're looking to make. I'd imagine writing code related to rendering, especially in 3D, is extremely math intensive as you need to essentially simulate the way light, shadows, etc. all work, and translate that to equations, constants, and whatnot. But on the other hand, something like an AI is mostly logic based (which is still related to maths but not as extensively), and a basic interface even less so.
  10. Heh, looks like there are way more map01 edits than I thought... By the way, my pic was intended to be go 2 it with the two pathways on the left side of the main hall. But don't tell anyone, keep the maps coming
  11. Took me far too long to find 1. MAP26: And here's a simple one:
  12. uber

    Doom Sucks

  13. uber

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Might as well put those screenshots in a single post. And some older shots from an outside area (with a skybox I ended up changing), I'll revisit them later:
  14. uber

    Is final doom good?

    It's basically Doom 2 taken to its two extremes: TNT focuses more on the exploration/worldbuilding aspect, while Plutonia is all about hard combat, traps and gimmicks. I personally enjoy Plutonia the most out of all the IWADs, as it's more consistent and has better replay value, but TNT does have some gems as well.
  15. Man, this thread is such a fucking trainwreck. First it was complaining for the wrong reasons about a free port that doesn't even take away other options, and now it's just senseless, edgy insults being thrown around because someone bases their whole personality around being a contrarian.
  16. uber

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    I'd say the mainstream doom community as a whole is like what you're describing, the subreddit is just a reflection of that. Reducing doom to a simple power fantasy about RIPPING and TEARING and KEELING DEEMONS with LE BFG isn't really something new, but the new games and the immense popularity of brutal style mods really contribute to that. Shame, there's a lot of stuff most people don't even give a chance because it deviates too far from what they've come to expect from the doom series, but oh well.
  17. uber

    How do i change the "credits" music in doom II?

    The cast sequence plays whatever track is used in MAP31. I think you can override it with more advanced sourceports such as GZDoom which support MAPINFO, but I'm not sure. And yes, you can change the background picture. It's a 320x200 graphic called BOSSBACK.
  18. I'll be putting this map on hold until november or so, but here's one more preview:
  19. uber

    Is a game good if you have to mod it?

    Depends on how much the "universally required" mods deviate from the vanilla experience in my opinion. If, say, Doom had such a mod and it radically changed the artstyle, level design philosophy and gameplay mechanics, I'd argue the base game wasn't that good at all — sure, it means the engine itself was decent enough to accomodate whatever modifications were needed, but what good is that if nothing playable came out of it originally? On the other hand, you have old-school games that are good at their core but are dragged down by limitations of their time or other outdated design decisions that were simply not that big of a deal back in the day. I think old RTS games suffer heavily from this: for example, the original Command & Conquer's 320x200/640x400 was pretty good back in the day, but way too small for today's monitors. Or Age of Empires 2's FPS cap and 200 unit maximum population cap, which wasn't even considered the recommended option according to the game itself. That's where fanmade patches come in, like Nyerguds' 1,06c for C&C (which has been technically succeeded by the remastered version, but still) which raises the resolution and adds some minor bugfixes and QOL improvements, or the UserPatch for AOE2 that raises the pop limit to up to 1000 and the FPS to 60, adds widescreen support, among other things. Those are all mods that I'd consider essential, but not because the games themselves are bad, but rather because some aspects of them haven't aged well. You can certainly play the originals but, in my opinion, you'd be missing out on quite a bit. However, if we're talking modern games, I think required modding is a bit less forgivable when it comes to judging the quality of a game. We've had over 3 decades of design experience and at this point, if you make a game that isn't completely revolutionary (which would be understandable, since you don't really have any point of reference) and isn't enjoyable right off the bat, then yeah, it's not that good of a game. Besides, with how easy it is to push updates nowadays there's no reason to let the community handle that, unless their vision of what the game should be is extremely niche.
  20. Funnily enough Romero replied to a very similar question (except it was 1995 instead of 1996) during his AMA a couple of days ago: "I wouldn’t change a thing about DOOM 2. After releasing any game, there are always things you think about that you could have done, but of all the entire series, DOOM 2 is my favorite." It's obviously not the end-all-be-all response to this question, considering that he's not the only person responsible for the game, but it at least means that a theoretical Doom 2 '95/96 wouldn't have been too different from what we got, other than bugfixes and some more polish. Besides, I doubt id would have wanted to essentially split their team in half by working on Quake while also making significant changes to the Doom engine (or just straight up making it in id tech 2) and adding lots of new content.
  21. uber

    Post your Doom textures!

    A couple of wall textures with blue accents (how unexpected!), based on Agaures' green versions but with different shading. Not 100% satisfied so far, probably going to tweak them further, but I figured some of you might be interested. Should be pretty easy to recolor them if needed.