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  1. Graham Doyle

    Custom Gibbing

    Also, how does gibbing work in doom 3? Do all gibbable characters have a "gib health" value? As in a value that once is reduced to 0 or less causes the character to gib? If so, where are these values found?
  2. Graham Doyle

    Custom Gibbing

    Thanks for the reply, I know how to make bodies ungibbable, what I was hoping for was to alter the properties of the gibbing mechanics. As you guessed, I was hoping to extend the length of the skeleton that "appears" when you gib a human/zombie character. At this moment in time, I do not know what scripting is required.
  3. Graham Doyle

    Custom Gibbing

    Hi all, I was just wondering if it were possible to edit that game's properties in such a way that will leave the skeleton model that spawns after you gib any human model to stay in the game environment indefinitely? If it is possible, what files should I look for and change? I imagine there must be a way, seeing as it is easy to make other aspects of the game to stay in the environment indefinitely, such as dead demons, blood decals and ejected brass from weapons.