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  1. EndHack

    Pig Station

    Thanks, as for the bug I fixed it, I hadn't actually gone past the level finished screen since before I added a mapinfo. Yeah ammo's a bit sparse on UV, I imagined people would punch pinkies a bit more. Thanks for playing the map.
  2. EndHack

    Pig Station

    Had a free afternoon and spit out this map, its pretty short my par time was 1:14. The map includes a few edits to weapons all visual (Edit: they function like vanilla but will break other mods I've included a second file in the zip which will work with gameplay mods) and some music I ripped from Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. I'm interested in some feedback from people who actual play doom on a regular basis, rather then my irl friend who tried it out for me. It's in UDMF format using the Ultimate Doom iwad I've tested it only on the latest GZDoom. Here are some Screenshots And the file itself Pig_Station_1-1.zip
  3. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    Unfinished order monk guy thing npc needs more death frames and maybe some blood or something also heres a conversation picture for him based on the oracle and heres the oracle for comparison also heres this drone thing Drone.zip Some fake programmers And some weird guns I made at some point this was supposed to shoot three rockets at once like the crusaders I think this was basically dooms plasma gun and heres a dead peasant
  4. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

    This isn't finished and for personal reason I'm not going to have the time to go through and polish up all the existing sprites and create the last ones so rather then letting this rot on my computer I thought I would drop it here in case someone can find use for it here the raw file I've been making this in and also a zip file with everything separated and also a pk3 with a incomplete version of the monster Bat.zip Edit: oh also here this random newt guy who never made it past one sprite
  5. EndHack

    some how map22 i had found bugs

    I believe he's referring to how you posted five messages in a row where people around here normally make larger single posts or edit their last post in order to add something that they feel needs added
  6. I was wondering how intelligent everyone sees the demons, personally I see the imps, arachnotron and the nobles as being averagish/comparable to humans, while seeing the pinkies and lost souls as something more along the lines of a dog, then l see the spider mastermind as super intelligent, but then it also can depend on how the monsters are used like the mastermind in the crusher just seems stupid to me, also the cyberdemon, archvile, cacos, pain elements and undead all depend a lot more then the other monsters on their environment in giving me a sense of their intelligence, like if it’s a tech base the zombie men feel much more like they actually are there for a reason, especially when you stick them in front of a computer, or they look like they’re standing guard, compare that to when you’ve got a random zombie roaming the hellscape, but I’m just interested in how everyone else around here feels about them and what in a level can effect how you see them.
  7. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

  8. EndHack

    Is this possible to create in DECORATE/Zscript?

    I believe I’ve seen this in a bunch of the brutal mods, so you might be able to get some info on it by going to one of their discord’s and asking about it there, I specifically remember project brutality’s discord had a lot of people willing to help with questions like this, but I don’t know since I haven’t hung around there for awhile.
  9. EndHack

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    hey so I was in the middle of editing my message when you posted so I'll just plop this here then edit my message I decided to check my sources to make sure I didn't get anything wrong and I was wrong it seems that multiple articles which had been written (or at least released) this year calling their custom built pc's console killers where actually talking about killing the previous generation consoles so I'm sorry that was my bad for skimming though articles and then using them as evidence
  10. EndHack

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    I don't really want to get into the whole console vs pc argument both have advantages and disadvantages but I have seen articles on how to build a pc with equivalent or higher power then the new modern consoles with $500 you do have to go through and order all the parts yourself and build it if you want one at that price but it seems to be doable if the buyer would be willing to get their hands messy check my next message
  11. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

  12. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

    I followed Stopsignal's tutorial (which is pretty helpful and y'all should check out if you have trouble making monsters) and I managed to make this bat thing that once I finish all the frames and rotations I'll be using in a project I'm working on with some friends, but I thought it was cool enough so far to share and maybe get some feedback on, and if the project is fully completed I'll probably release any custom sprites for general use
  13. That fact that your profile picture is spinning at a different speed then the voxels is bothering me other then that they look pretty cool
  14. EndHack

    Freedoom Mods

    Hideous Destructor is actually made for Freedoom though most people play it with Doom "Made for Freedoom but should work with any Doom IWAD." https://codeberg.org/mc776/hideousdestructor/releases
  15. EndHack

    Build Engine Style Wads?

    10 hours later I have realized the error of my ways For you mentioned Doom 2 Re-Build-t in the initial post and I completely missed it