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  1. EndHack

    New map by me (v.2)

    looks like you uploaded the wrong zip file or something Edit: looks like you fixed it Edit2: Its small but I liked it and I thought that the soul sphere secret was cool also its a big improvement compared to the last version
  2. They may have disabled it, I stopped following its development a few months ago, but I remember them talking about removing all the stuff from brutal doom do to some controversy that people weren't allowed to talk about, and I believe that the map enhancement system came from brutal doom.
  3. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    You may not like it, you may not believe it, but this is what top physical condition looks like. Also I finished all the sprites without the mask hanging on their chest. HelmetlessRebel.zip Actor Name: HelmetlessRebel Oh and one last thing which is very much not done, and most definitely will need lots more work.
  4. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

    Is that paletted?
  5. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    I'm almost done I only need to do the heads for standing and looking in different directions, and then all the boring cropping and saving and aligning. I am particularly pleased with the normal death.
  6. EndHack

    Strife 1995 Beta found and released

    Has anyone gone through this somewhere with a list of differences compared to the final game? Edit: So I may have taken a quick look at this, and there may be episode selection graphics as well as some archvile flames and a different curser.
  7. EndHack

    Doom mods shown in High Score?

    I recognized a few but can’t really put names to them all but of all the billions of mods they could have shown they had the extreme weapons pack with the poopy toothbrush or whatever it is which I think is freakin retarded in a funny way not an annoyed way
  8. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    thanks Edit: I remember someone telling me to just do edits if I wanted to post after I already had, unless it had been a long period of time or something like that. All thats left is the two firing frames, death, and xdeath, which will hopefully be fun. Edit again: oh also the standing frames where he is looking from side to side.
  9. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    Finally trying to work on all the walking sprites for the helmetless rebel. I haven't added the bottom piece of the helmet yet, and I don't think I will until I get done with the first set without it.
  10. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

    Something I made while putting off some other strife related sprites that I should really finish up. Its meant as basically a barrel but it spawns a lost soul, not sure why it would be worth shooting though, unless it was in your way or you really had a lot of smaller enemies close to it. Evil_Barrel.zip actor name is evilbarrel.
  11. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    it still needs some cleanup but I finished the walking front frames. I'll probably finish up the helmetless rebel soonish.
  12. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    I did some pain sprites for the helmetless guy, Again top is without the piece of the helmet, and the bottom is with it. I also made another sprite for this guy.
  13. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    That’s pretty cool, it looks like it would fit right in with the current textures.
  14. EndHack

    Post Your Custom Strife Sprites & Textures

    so I made some rotations for the helmetless rebel, top set is without the bottom piece of the helmet, and the bottom is with it. I also made a concept for a new acolyte using the normal acolyte, and doom chaingun guy as a base, that would have an attack similar to an arachnotron, I don't know if I'll finish it though. Edit: oh I also basically just chopped off the arm of one of the robots and messed with it a bit to use for the cyborg arm