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  1. EndHack

    weird sound bug?

    One time I booted the engine up and no sounds would play, music worked fine. I deleted and redownloaded the port and it worked for awhile, then one time I started it up and no sounds? I unpacked the zip I left from the second download into a different directory and that one worked, so I tried coping over config files and such to the old one to maybe figure out what had stopped working. I eventually copied every single file over and the audio still didn't work. I've got no idea what's going on. what info can I give to help pin this bug? it appears I'm running 4.2.0.
  2. EndHack

    Shooting off Limbs, Locational Damage

    You might want to check out Hideous Destructor. I believe it uses a system that actually looks to where the attack landed on the entity and bases damage off of how close the center off mass or if it hit the head, rather then Brutal Doom's invisible actor system. with the right tweaking I'm sure HDest's more organized and sensible code can pull off a better limb system. They have a unofficial discord server with many people who might be able to help. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973
  3. EndHack

    Share Your Sprites!

    Melted guy I made for a project I recently decided I don't have enough time for. He was meant to float around in nukage.
  4. while I think the setup with all the differing files is a little clunky, I enjoyed the mod itself. One thing I though was really cool was the when I skipped to map30 and hit idkfa to play around a bit and found the icon of sin had also had enhancements.
  5. How close to the originals would you be thinking? After reading this I had the urge to try my hand at the bonus items. Far from perfect, but they could do until something better came along? Beta.zip
  6. EndHack


    Easier then I then I thought it would be, which I was kinda grateful for. I really liked the odd lookin get pieces, and thought it was funny waving the medkits in front of the player.
  7. Sorry to multi-post, but I only responded to thiccyoshi, in my last message, before sending it, but then I couldn't figure out how to add a quote to a message I was editing. So I was unable to quote Delisk in my response. It really tried to make it easy enough for my friend, and it was too, until I had to finish it off with a boss. It just felt right to stand the cyberdemon up on the other side of the river, but alas, he killed the run for my friend, just like he did for you.
  8. I meant for D_EVIL to be playing, but I guess since I only implemented an emapinfo and a dmapinfo, most ports are stuck with D_RUNNING.
  9. Sorry, had it all zipped up sitting on my screen ready to go, but I guess once I started putting in screenshots, I forgot about it. Anyways I've added it to my post.
  10. After a friend of mine had been playing some doom in the rerelease, I decided to attempt to make a map that was compatible with it. It only took a few days and a couple of hiccups to get it to work right. Any criticism is greatly appreciated, but please remember this was made for my friends skill level and isn't very hard. Built for the Doom 2 iwad. Tested in the Doom rerelease and Eternity. Par is 60 seconds. Screenshots below. Edit: Oops here's the map Edit2: Added a umapinfo RustBase.zip
  11. EndHack

    Map crashing Doom Rerelease

  12. EndHack

    Map crashing Doom Rerelease

    I seem to already be using ZenNode, so I switched to another node builder, moved a vertex, saved, then switched back to ZenNode and repeated, but got the same result when trying to start the map.
  13. EndHack

    Map crashing Doom Rerelease

  14. I'm not signed in on doomworld much and I check my notifications less, but here's a late thanks for playing my maps. the first definitely was my best out of the three I really enjoyed making it. As you could probably tell, I was running outa steam by that last one and it ended up being a pretty uninspired.