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  1. EndHack

    Help with GZDoom multiplayer with a mac

    we got terminal open but its not the same I don't understand how to start stuff with parameters
  2. EndHack

    Help with GZDoom multiplayer with a mac

    we are using guncaster vindicated which has got tons of zscript
  3. So my friend and I have been trying to play GZDoom multiplayer and he is on a mac and im windows and im not sure how to help him connect to my game I am experienced with setting up multiplayer and have done it many times with friends but never with a mac
  4. EndHack

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    my three year old sister plays on I'm too young to die
  5. EndHack

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    I think they could recycle the old doom 4 plot which was more about normal people and how a demon invasion is affecting society and they could have it canon and have the doom guy/slayer as more of a background thing like he is somewhere else then they could make a movie that's more realistic and have it part of the lore this would still be very violent and have a bunch of demons but would not just be about killing stuff
  6. Sorry that i am writing here, but apparently this place has a post limit.

    Not aligned? Do you mean like offset stuff position? I did fix that in slade, if it's that thing.

    1. EndHack


      yeah thats what I was talking about

    2. EndHack


      im not sure what it could be then im not very knowledgeable when it comes to this type of stuff but I had had a problem with a rock I was making being invisible and it turned out I had just not offset the sprite

  7. EndHack

    Custom Enemy appears invisible

    your sprites are probably not aligned or what ever its called you can align them manually or open them in something like slade and have it do the work for you in slade you can select all the sprites and hit one of the two buttons that show up instead of the sprites and then if you hit the right one you can select align as monster or something like that and it will align them all for you
  8. EndHack

    New id weapons look the same

    it looks to me like some may have been based on one another to save time and money at bethesda but they are all still largely different
  9. I looked around I can't find anything about it since 2003 and the website is not up anymore so Why editor has most likely been abandoned
  10. EndHack

    Evacodemon Spritesheet (Free use)

    that looks rad
  11. EndHack

    Are there any good Heretic/Hexen weapon mods?

    I believe guncaster works with both of them but it changes more then just the weapons
  12. Rocket zombie its on realm 667 but I don't think that's where its from originally I like it because it feels like it fits in with the vanilla enemies
  13. Like the title said are there any collections of dehacked monsters and gun kind of like realm667 but dehacked and not just vanilla but mbf or something
  14. EndHack

    How and/or when did you become a fan of Doom?

    My Dad had it on his computer when I was like five or six and he let me play then he got rid of it or stopped using that computer and I didn't play doom for like ten years then my brother found a cd with the ultimate doom doom2 both final dooms duke nukem and quake