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  1. First Crusade


    Ok guys, I expect that many of you like Doom Slayer as a demi-god, unstoppable killing machine, ok... BUT! What happened to That Doomguy, lone marine, an ordinary human who's able to pull the impossible? Where is that mortal side of him, that we can all relate? Where is Hells true power and a real challenge to us? I ask this questions becouse I don't see Hell as a threat no more; OK, there's demons LETS JUST KILL THEM ALL! I want the game to put us ( for at least once ) in a position that you genuinely feel Doomed; like that time when you first beat a Crucible guardian, and when you kill him at last, TWO OF THEM showed up and I was like: Hell, how am I going to beat this? You see where I'm going with this? I like how they put grunting as a new feature of Doom Eternal, I hope that means that Id actually knows what I'm talking about here so... Let me know what You guys think, I hope I'm not alone ;) Peace out!
  2. First Crusade


  3. First Crusade


    Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific wad that I played a while ago and the only thing I remember about it ( except from being awsome ) is one level; I remember that you enter a BIG GREEN CUBE and the most part of the level is placed inside it. Whole level is greenish and I think it was in another dimension or something... I can't remember anything alse, I hope someone can help me to find this wad. Thank You, Best Regards.
  4. First Crusade

    Font help for Ult Doom Visor

    I have a problem with this Doom Visor too, latest release... Everythings working fine, except the options font and most of the letters inside the game are completely unreadable. I don't know how to fix it, maybie it's resolution ( I got everything on hq) but I can't read anything inside options menu and I tried to run this Visor add on with the 'Disable Menu Font' and 'Restore Original' but fucked up letters are still there.
  5. First Crusade


    I think most of you guys forgot how scary and difficult were archville, revenant and cyberdemon back in the day. And you forgot that the first Doom I and II had ( Not Jumpscares - I'll stop using that word ) but elements of suprise. Hell, even today when I play Brutal Doom with different maps I find myself having a hard time with these fuckers and here and there they still manage to suprise me or even scare me for a second. I dont remember Doom 2016 did that not even a single time and mostly trough out the game I felt overpowered. I donno guys, I just want for Doom Eternal to be really good. Just to spice it up with a little bit of horror and terror.
  6. First Crusade


    Hi guys, i hope you agree that Doom Eternal needs more horror elements, not just violence and gore, I'm thinking jump scares, dark areas, creepy hallways and ect. After Doom III, Doom has gone in completely other direction - I think that Id should not forget about these horror elements that the game use to have. I want for a player to sometimes feel vulnerable and threatned, not overpowered doom slayer on a killing spree. I remember that I used to fear some of the encounters in previous games when i was low on health and ammo. What about distinguished demon sounds that you used to hear around you before you even encounter a demon? These things were epic and crucial in the Doom game! Sorry for grammar mistakes, let me know what you guys think
  7. First Crusade

    The /newstuff Chronicles #544

    I like it