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  1. The Wife


    Thank you Pegleg! I found the same site, but not both pictures! That is it, for sure! Once I saw it, I was sure. It looks like it's a rare thing for anyone to post pics. Seems so odd, but it was before the days of snapping your toast before eating it, so maybe not. Thank you again for your help, and for being so welcoming!!
  2. The Wife


    Ok, just so I don't leave you all dying to know... The game was War Final Assult. And he still has the thing, kept in a plastic bag "for preservation". Doomkid, good luck!!
  3. The Wife


    Oh dang it!! Lol. I saw one on a Google search and it seemed familiar, just not enough to be sure. Yep, I signed up for one bloody question! I'd rather not, but! Eh, mothers clutch their pearls over everything! It's crazy. And I'm a mom! I don't think I do have a picture. He hates having his picture taken. I think I will have to ask. I'll just have to decide if I can do so without being weird. There was a very vague thought of a gift there. Mostly because I have a feeling attempting to replace it is a fool's errand. Thank you all SO MUCH!!! This might be abhorrent, being on a site about a gory, gory, clutch-your-pearls game, but... 💕
  4. The Wife


    Hello all! I am an intruder...with a question. My husband has, or had maybe, a black tshirt that he won by beating an arcade game either a bit before or a bit after we met. I remember that it was black, and he was super proud of having it. He wore it until it was falling off of him. I'm not sure if he finally got rid of it, but I haven't seen it in years. It SEEMS like it was Doom...but I'm not positive. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Would have been sometime near 2000, within a few years.