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  1. H3XM0D

    Lost Episodes in GZDoom?

    That makes sense. Thanks.
  2. H3XM0D

    Lost Episodes in GZDoom?

    I can run it like that sure, but I'm just wondering why it doesn't pick it up in GZDoom in the list of available WADS to play. I see everything except for that one.
  3. H3XM0D

    Lost Episodes in GZDoom?

    Has anyone successfully gotten the unofficial Lost Episodes expansion to work with GZDoom? (JPTR_V40.WAD) Is there some other alias it recognizes, or am I just wasting time? Apologies if this is a common subject.
  4. H3XM0D

    Iwads no longer found on new PC

    I second backing up your WADS. Google Drive works for backup too.
  5. H3XM0D

    Iwads no longer found on new PC

    I just set the environment variable 'DOOMWADDIR' to point to a folder I have with every main WAD file. This mostly circumvents any issue with locating WAD files for good. This includes future releases of GZDoom. Just ask the Google how to set environment variables.
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