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  1. Hi Phileosophos, I was just wondering if you have a link to that MUS2MID source by chance? That would be great.


    At some stage, I would love to see the WadAuthor source as well. No rush of course - I just have this pipe dream about a “best of both worlds” editor that essentially combines the functionality and UI of my two favourite mapping tools (the other being Doom Builder). Cheers!

  2. Phileosophos

    .mus to .mid?

    FYI, I still have the source code, donated by Joakim Erdfelt who wrote MUS2MIDI back in 1994 if anyone's interested. I've been digging around in old code of late...
  3. Phileosophos

    WadAuthor is Freeware

    I know, I know, I'm practically a ghost, an irrelevant voice from the past, as probably is my editor, WadAuthor, these days. But for anybody who cares, I'm offering a freeware license to WadAuthor until such time comes as I can actually get it building with all the latest tools, at which point I still intend to release the source to the community. Anyone interested should visit my almost entirely useless web site.
  4. Phileosophos

    Is it still possible to get the WadAuthor Value Pack?

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Though I suppose it's not all that impressive in the Google era. Sure. Could you help me out and explain what you mean by "the archive"? I've been out of this scene for so long I don't even remember where to get stuff. I'm happy to repack a non-password version and put it out there if y'all can point me at where it should go. Cheers!
  5. Phileosophos

    Is it still possible to get the WadAuthor Value Pack?

    To all those who are interested in the WadAuthor Value Pack, I'm the original author. You have my blessing to use it whether you own WadAuthor or not. The password is and always has been: 11A2B000DESTRUCT0 Extra credit to those who recognize what that is. I'm sorry I haven't been particularly reliable for the last couple of decades, but I just today got back to updating WadAuthor to compile with Visual Studio 2010. I still intend to release it all as open source one of these days. Hopefully my life won't get crazy again and prevent me from doing so. Cheers!
  6. Phileosophos

    WadAuthor Progress Update #5

    I've tried changing the heights in lots of different sectors in that wtc wad, and it always runs just fine for me. Is there some other wadfile with which the problem occurs more reliably?
  7. Phileosophos

    WadAuthor Progress Update #5

    Why, what every doctor of philosophy ends up doing, of course, asking the deepest of all questions: "Ya want fries with that?"
  8. Phileosophos

    WadAuthor Progress Update #5

    I've never found a repeatable case of this, though a handful of people have complained about it. If you have a particular wadfile with which WadAuthor does this, please let me know.
  9. Phileosophos

    WadAuthor Progress Update #5

    Howdy all. I'll bet y'all forgot I was even alive, didn't you? Alternately, you've probably been cursing my name and performing various voodoo incantations to get me back to work on WadAuthor. Well, I've got a new progress update that explains the rather long-ish interim since my last update, and I hope it will be good news to at least some. Check it out on the WadAuthor web page: http://www.speakeasy.org/~wc/wauthor/index.html Honest, the project isn't dead. It's just been on hiatus. That hiatus is now coming to a close, thank God, for I don't know how much longer my sanity will hold together.
  10. Phileosophos

    For those who use WadAuthor

    You know what? I wonder that too. I've been so ridiculously busy with... well... everything else that my work on WadAuthor remains stalled almost precisely where it was before. My intentions remain the same, however: finish the lump management stuff and ship it. I guess I have to stick with the Id Software timetable (i.e., when it's done), though, since my credibility for anything else is shot (grin). Anyway, getting back to the whole mods thing, first let me thank Jack for bringing this to my attention. WadAuthor is my intellectual property. As such nobody else has a right to release modifications without my consent. The modifications provided in this particular case are limited to resizing dialog box resources, and I'm not opposed to it being released. Thus, let me state publicly that loser, Csabo or whatever his name is can pass this executable along to his friends, etc. on the condition that it be made clear that it's his own modification to WadAuthor and not an official release on my part. Sorry for the delay in getting to this. The same garbage that keeps me from writing code these days keeps me from being timely in addressing such matters, I'm afraid.
  11. Phileosophos

    Maximum script of Wad Author

    Hey, Jack, can you tell me from where I can get these levels? I'd like to see if they load now after all the changes I've made. Thanks!
  12. Phileosophos

    Maximum script of Wad Author

    Heh. Sorry about that limit. I figured somebody might hit it someday, but it wasn't worth the effort at the time to work around it. Don't you just love how Windows 9x is a "32-bit operating system" but has 16-bit limits everywhere? I'll look into replacing that edit control with something a bit more powerful.
  13. Phileosophos

    My status of late

    Hi there. I'm writing in response to a recent posting asking "wuzzup" with me. Well, "whuzzup" here is that my ISP is putting the screws to me. Covad seems to think that the best way to inculcate customer loyalty is to raise rates by 380%. Neat, eh? As a result, I will likely lose my DSL service tomorrow when I refuse to migrate and pay these robber-barons their ridiculous rate. I have a new account on the way, and I hope it's available soon. In the meantime, thanks for all the thoughts, folks. I will return here when I can. In the meantime, I've changed my old web site at http://home.zyan.com/~wc with links to the new email and web site if ever the new account comes through. I'll hope to see y'all soon.
  14. Phileosophos

    No, WadAuthor is not dead!

    Sorry for the lack of posting for the last couple of weeks. I wish I could say the more charitable interpretations of my silence--thanks guys!--were correct. That is, I wish I could say the silence was due to a flurry of work taking place. Unfortunately, the truth is a bit more dull: my wife and I finally got a second dog as a companion for our first. And the new puppy is... how shall I put this gently? Eating up my time and energy as I have to watch him basically all day! (grrrr) It's kind of hard to get non-trivial work done while the top line on your daily agenda is preventing the now nine-week old puppy from pooping in the house (sigh). In response to the question posted elsewhere, though, WadAuthor is not dead. There *will* be another release. And it will feature some pretty significant changes. But it's taking longer than anybody expected. Isn't that the way these things always go?
  15. Phileosophos

    to all....a very strange QUESTION

    I'm a pretty technical boy. I could easily have majored in physics during my undergrad years, and I've kept up pretty well while in graduate school for completely unrelated studies. Complete invisibility of the kind you describe is possible through one of two approaches: (1) perfect translucency, or (2) perfect bending. That is, one can either build something such that light passes through it without being disturbed at all (i.e., perfect translucency), or build something such that light waves pass "around" it (i.e., perfect bending) without ever be refracted/reflected. The former, as I understand the present state of material science, is impossible; i.e., there is no substantive, completely optically neutral material that exists. The latter, as I understand the present state of optics/physics, is theoretically possible yet technically infeasible for the foreseeable future. The only known way to bend light in the requisite fashion requires highly selective and powerful manipulation of various fields in order to produce the desired bending effect. In short summary, your picture is almost certainly a hoax.