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  1. yourlocalchef

    The worst movie you seen

    Food Fight is probably the worst I've seen
  2. yourlocalchef

    Actually good movies!

    @Rudolph Space Truckers maybe its because I linked the free to watch version on youtube. Try the trailer.
  3. yourlocalchef

    Actually good movies!

    B-Movie that is funny.
  4. yourlocalchef

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    Now he can integrate paypal into the character limit as a tier based buy-in system. Standard Twitter and Twitter Ultimate Edition.
  5. yourlocalchef

    Hard mods

    Do not be mistaken Sunder and Sunlust are extremely well crafted wads. I just find it gets to the point where I start hitting my head against the wall when the monster counts approach an incredibly tedious amount. Especially when that point is towards the later maps after I've spent a few hours ascending the monster-count-to-map-number progression standard. To those who enjoy them and can play multiple slaughterwads back to back, I truly applaud; it is a feat of concentration and determination, and I think they're hard wads because I have ADHD(can't concentrate) and
  6. yourlocalchef

    Hard mods

    I find a lot of slaughter wads to be hard due to the fact they're usually incredibly tedious. A few that come to mind are Sunlust and Sunder.
  7. yourlocalchef

    Doom Maps That Take the Form of an Epic Journey

    Take what you will from it but I thought A.L.T. had some pretty memorable moments and felt like there was a good amount of progression in it. Not a total conversion mod tho.
  8. yourlocalchef

    Infinite revenant honing missile

    Anybody else ever have this happen? Hilarious to see after I killed the revenant that its honing missile just kept going.
  9. yourlocalchef

    Random Video Thread

  10. yourlocalchef

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Brigador... some good fun strafing an enemy through the houses of suburban neighborhood and then reflecting on the amount of destruction it makes. The absence of care for the environment reminds me of Rampage.
  11. yourlocalchef

    Modernizing/reimagining old/random wads

    Thanks for the links, was just curious about the existence of this sort of thing. And yeah I suppose in my head I was thinking that most of the maps I would find would have poor ratings on idgames anyhow and be from 15+ years ago however apologies for my brazen remarks.
  12. yourlocalchef

    Modernizing/reimagining old/random wads

    Hey all, After some hiatus I decided to attempt making a couple maps over the past few days. After running into the standard creativity block as a result I thought it might be more exciting to find old firstwad.wad-type maps and fixing them up. I did a couple google searches to see if this was a thing. I quite like the idea of finding objectively terrible wads that are otherwise unplayable or boring and effectively doing some houseflipping: tearing down walls, repainting, ripping up old floorboards, building an addition, detailing, better monster placements, ammo etc. Then comparing before and after. Is this a thing? Is it encouraged/shunned? Does anyone have first attempt wads that could get a remodel? Anyone else interested in doing this or am I a lonely old sack? This is the wad I found right now and am working at sprucing it up and in its description: Primary purpose : for you to play for 5 seconds and then delete and vow never to play again! Apologies to butter_pat_head, the mapset creator from 2003, I am myself a novice at mapmaking and by no means am capable of passing judgement, but the first map in this is godawful. 6lev.zip
  13. yourlocalchef

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    @elend Hey, just want to point out this texture is missing. Otherwise, great map! Love the soundtrack and the design, they work well together.
  14. yourlocalchef

    What are you listening to?

    Hexsystem. Has a few albums but the best one is black cake II. link: http://hexsystem.com/