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  1. yourlocalchef

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Brigador... some good fun strafing an enemy through the houses of suburban neighborhood and then reflecting on the amount of destruction it makes. The absence of care for the environment reminds me of Rampage.
  2. yourlocalchef

    Modernizing/reimagining old/random wads

    Thanks for the links, was just curious about the existence of this sort of thing. And yeah I suppose in my head I was thinking that most of the maps I would find would have poor ratings on idgames anyhow and be from 15+ years ago however apologies for my brazen remarks.
  3. yourlocalchef

    Modernizing/reimagining old/random wads

    Hey all, After some hiatus I decided to attempt making a couple maps over the past few days. After running into the standard creativity block as a result I thought it might be more exciting to find old firstwad.wad-type maps and fixing them up. I did a couple google searches to see if this was a thing. I quite like the idea of finding objectively terrible wads that are otherwise unplayable or boring and effectively doing some houseflipping: tearing down walls, repainting, ripping up old floorboards, building an addition, detailing, better monster placements, ammo etc. Then comparing before and after. Is this a thing? Is it encouraged/shunned? Does anyone have first attempt wads that could get a remodel? Anyone else interested in doing this or am I a lonely old sack? This is the wad I found right now and am working at sprucing it up and in its description: Primary purpose : for you to play for 5 seconds and then delete and vow never to play again! Apologies to butter_pat_head, the mapset creator from 2003, I am myself a novice at mapmaking and by no means am capable of passing judgement, but the first map in this is godawful. 6lev.zip
  4. yourlocalchef

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    @elend Hey, just want to point out this texture is missing. Otherwise, great map! Love the soundtrack and the design, they work well together.
  5. yourlocalchef

    What are you listening to?

    Hexsystem. Has a few albums but the best one is black cake II. link: http://hexsystem.com/
  6. yourlocalchef


    @Baratus Thank you for trying them out! I have definitely got to get back to MAP02, I realize a little too late that I rushed to release it. The staircase room was a time consuming slog of copy/paste sectors and I was trying to add more meat to it after that. I didn't play test it as thoroughly as I would have liked. Thank you again for the review! I will tag everyone who has been involved in this for a planned MAP03/04 release, I am going to finish the entirety of this at some point. I'm in between jobs so its been taking a back seat to applications and other goals I have planned.
  7. yourlocalchef


    @Suitepee Hey thank you so much for play testing Ataraxia. I just moved to a new apartment so I haven't had an internet connection until just now, so, apologies for the late response. You are absolutely right about map02, I definitely rushed it out and did not anticipate some of the shortcomings, mainly the stairs room. I think someone in your chat room said something about first time mapping and not realizing that 'freelook' is not a thing everyone plays with, I do forget that the original form of Doom is static look. At any rate, the W1 teleporter and the broken blue key gate in the second map was just first mapper goofs on my end. I realize that some of the maps are a little more unorthodox but I think that was somewhat where I was headed with my first maps. I drew a lot of inspiration from A.L.T. and was trying to further pursue strange and 'artistic' aspects of what Doom can provide. I have intentions to tighten up MAP02 and I have a MAP03 I have neglected working on in the interim months since the original post. You're review was what I needed to get back on DoomBuilder, I think, and to reconsider some of the concepts I was trying to execute. Some of it was definitely sloppy on my part. Thanks again for posting the link to your stream!
  8. yourlocalchef

    Senescence (single map)

    @Egg BoySo you are correct that the map was made in Hexen format. I was unsure if I would attempt 3D bridging? Some thread I was perusing said something about Hexen format and 3D bridging. Also thank you for the kind words. I've really been working on improvement in all the different aspects of mapmaking so it's nice to hear that its been paying dividends.
  9. yourlocalchef

    Senescence (single map)

    @Egg Boy
  10. yourlocalchef

    Senescence (single map)

    @HAK3180 Thanks a lot for the constructive reply! Definitely extremely helpful and useful going forward and revising this map itself. This map was indeed designed to involve backtracking and in doing so force me to find places to hide monsters. I was directed this way by another doomworld users criticism of another map I recently made in which the battles were stale. It appears in this case, I was testing my own puzzle making capabilities and seeing how much mileage I could get out of a small map. Backtracking is what is necessary as you mentioned at that final gate where the switch does not open them. This was intentional and used to ultimately utilize backtracking. I am new to mapmaking in doom so taking risky shots in the dark like that are probably going to be successful and unsuccessful in future maps. I am always trying to find aesthetic consistency which will only happen if I continue to play/make maps and experiment with various texture compositions. I figure I should be competent with the stock textures before moving into texture packs. At any rate, you're the best for the bullet points and I had a blast making this little level as I myself loved playing short and sweet maps like those found in Scythe. It probably just met my attention span to looking at the same layout too, so, I just might continue to make a first mapset in this style for the time being.
  11. yourlocalchef

    Senescence (single map)

    Hello all, -tested and constructed in GZDoom likely only compatible in such -MAP01 replacement which means Doom II IWAD -Not tested in any other ports -Single difficulty -Nojump, nocrouch The layout of this map was constructed over the course of an hour with an extra day or two for detailing and minor revisions. It is essentially a map to solidify some basics of map construction that I needed to iron out before continuing forwards with my mapset Ataraxia. It's a pretty standard toxic factory map. I've done a single playthrough and if there's any issues please let me know I will revise it and update it accordingly. Scythe style. senescence 1.0.zip
  12. yourlocalchef


    As a matter of fact I have. I spent some early days making MAP01 with a red sky but eventually grew tired of it. I am open to something less red. If you have any textures I would be glad to see how it looks. The sky I had I found in a sky texture thread a few weeks back. Its this one if you're curious.
  13. yourlocalchef


    Yeah @PaquoCastor I haven't gotten around to making it compatible with any other ports yet. I will do so at some point, however the most recent upload 1.1.2 resolved the key bug and is also my attempt at making MAP01 more difficult and more visually interesting. If it isn't either of those things, forgive my... noviceness. I'm green at mapping. Anyhow, thanks for trying it out even if it was broken.
  14. yourlocalchef


    @Juza Thanks for the critique. Still learning all the do's and don'ts of the doom palette and textures so, duly noted and possibly updated the picture you mentioned. Unless you meant the staircase picture in which case I'm going to be overhauling as much of the details as I can tonight and tomorrow.