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  1. yourlocalchef

    Cityscape/hellscape Wads

    Curious if there are any wads of any length that are “continuous” through crumbling cityscapes and descend through underground into hellscapes. This or cityscapes combined with hellscape themes.
  2. Woah that's rad. I like that idea. If you don't want to do texturing I'd say just put the item that it gives above the respective switch as an indicator. Is it a repeatable switch with maybe a longer reset timer?
  3. @tumedaskihutaja_37685 I liked the map a lot. Always a good time mowing down hordes of low tier fodder. A few things you'll see in the video that need to be fixed. The elevator has a missing texture and I got soft-locked in a few spots. But otherwise a good entry to the project.
  4. Alright after seeing @ABearInThaWoods stream today I fixed up map13. I revamped the difficulty throughout, making it harder and implementing settings. It seems more frenetic now. If anyone can give it a shot on UV bc it seemed fine to me. Changed one of the wall openings at the end bc I found a cheese where you can run past everything. infectedlibrary2.3.zip
  5. Woops I think I just glanced at you quoting him and mistook it for yours.
  6. Honestly, this is my first real foray into a CP and it has been really nice. Everyone seems really receptive to feedback and willing to put in more effort which made me want to reciprocate that.
  7. @TheMightyWhoosh Real good work. I like the progression and traps. On progression: great that you kept in mind immediately showing the player the very next thing they need to do. Fights were fun and I had to duck out at the end which was a nice little adrenaline spike.
  8. Yeah sorry you wrote nha.wad and, well, you know how people are when they title their wad files. I figured it was an acronym or something.
  9. @TheMightyWhoosh That was a really fun map. Nothing seemed to be broken or anything. Going through the map got me thinking about how you can really pack in a lot of things into a small map--you utilized the limited space really well. I liked it as a change of pace from some of the more difficult things that have been submitted so far. The monster usage was perfect. Side note: what is the title of your map? EDIT: Your submission is also the halfway mark of completed maps--15 more to go!
  10. Thanks again everyone for testing out the maps I made for this. With that I'm pretty sure I'm done with this project. I will be attempting other entries over the course of the next few days and uploading videos of them.
  11. Fixed issues if anyone can test this in not GZdoom ports.
  12. At this pace it should be before the end of the year for sure. Would be nice to get it finished in like a month.