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  1. portalsam

    Custom Monster Sprite

    Thanks! The sprites are working fine now.
  2. portalsam

    Custom Monster Sprite

    Thanks for this info, this got a few things working. However, now the sprite is invisible. I don't know if I'm being dumb or something is happening. I've tried many combinations of letters and numbers and it either crashes the game or remains invisible. Again wad is attached. tompigtestreduced.zip
  3. portalsam

    Custom Monster Sprite

    Uhh so I'm trying to get my custom monster to work but it shows up as a missing texture. The sprite shows up in DB2, but not in-game. I'm pretty sure that the decorate is fine but I have no idea about the textures. I attached an image, as well as a reduced version of my wad. tompigtestreduced.zip