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  1. i would like to be a doom map maker im using the doom map maker doom builder 2 and id like it if someone could offer me advice to make high quality maps people will enjoy mechanically speaking i know i need to make the maps but i need advice and help on how to make them function properly ok?
  2. MajorMan

    looking for some mods and maps to play

    also im looking for the pol.wad map could someone link me to it?
  3. MajorMan

    looking for good mods and wads

    please send me some
  4. hello im looking for some mods and maps to play if you know if any awesomes ones out there please let me know
  5. for some reason when i use the ghetto blaster moon man dies after a few seconds of use why is that is that a glitch do i need to redownload the moon man mod?
  6. MajorMan

    My First Topic

    you know what i got to say to that https://youtu.be/gVRrCSAs-30?t=125
  7. MajorMan

    My First Topic

    i found this awesome doom mod called guncaster i love it very much and want to beat all the map packs i can with it
  8. MajorMan

    My First Topic

    thanks my fellow furry friend
  9. MajorMan

    My First Topic

    hello everyone here on doom world this is my first topic to introduce myself so im hoping to receive a warm welcome also im looking for map packs to play on so if anyone could help me find some good ones please let me know