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    1. DynamiteKaitorn


      Only gave this a quick 5-10 minute test and personally a few things could to with rebalancing. For one, the default blaster feels incredibly weak against the turtles and bees of the first map, taking like 6-8 shots to defeat. Also, the Bee's AI is far too smart for the lower difficulties as it feels like it almost knows EXACTLY when I click to fire. The riot shotgun wep does help dispatch them but most of the time I just kept toasting things as that was the only weapon to me that seemed to have dealt damage well.


      For the level design, every time I come back I keep getting blown away at how brilliant and beautiful this looks! :D I'm not sure how much left there is of Jazz Jackrabbit DooM but when the final build is released, I am totally doing a full-on playthrough. :)


      Also, since you're now referencing Jazz 2, will we see an introduction to the upgraded weapons system or  will it still be strict J1 weapon rules? And will sugar rush be a thing?

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      Glad you enjoyed it.


      Thanks for pointing out about the LFG2000 weak projectiles. That'll be worked on.


      When it comes down for the future, the LFG2000 will be the only weapon sprite which will share other ammo types, just like the original games.


      Maps will definitely have tons of detail. I design the maps (mostly the regular maps) and @Salahmander2 polishes them and he also designs the bonus maps which will be featured in the full version.


      We're going all out on this project. We made the decision to design every stage from the Jazz Jackrabbit franchise. 😁


      Sugar Rush will be in the notes. Good idea.


      If you have twitter, you can follow me there on my progress with maps or progress of the mod.

  2. Long time no see, hope everyone is doing well!


    I wanted to keep y'all updated:


    Jazz Jackrabbit TC for Doom 2 is still in the works. I have a team of friends who are helping out with the project, which is going great!


    We have redesigned/extended the 21 original maps from v9.5a, plus the few new maps we added. We recently made a potential decision of adding new maps from every stage in the Jazz Jackrabbit franchise.


    Definitely a lot gameplay once everything is complete. I don't remember mentioning but we did originally plan to release the mod this year, but since we decided to add more maps, it will be announced in 2022.


    Keep an I eye out for a demo to be released this month. ;)


    Until then, have a great year, be safe and kick ass!

  3. Hope everyone is doing well!


    I just finished designing MAP25: Stonar for Jazz Jackrabbit Doom, which is a brand new map being added to the TC.



    MAP25: Stonar - @Bass Slapper '89 and @Salahmander2


    3 brand new maps are lined up to be completed which were also not part of the original mod I posted last year. That means more fun to experience when this will be released.


    Deserto - @Salahmander2

    MegaAirBase - @Salahmander2

    Industrius - @Bass Slapper '89


  4. The mod is going to be tested. I'll post the mod once I get the official okay. :)


    Y'all have a great weekend and be safe!


  5. Here's a sample of what Twisted Tea Doom is gonna be like.



  6. My walkthrough of MAP03: Diamondus Forest (WIP) Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC


    I've been learning from John Romero's rules lately to become a professional map designer.


    My previous work felt sloppy, in my opinion. I'm real proud of what me and @Salahmander2 has accomplished.



  7. My progress with redesigning MAP16: Jungle Fever.


    My plan is to redesign some of the original maps that lack effort or needs to be extended.


    Here's video footage:



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    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      @DynamiteKaitorn definitely so buddy. What the changes or add-ons will be are 5 brand new maps, there's gonna be hub maps in between most missions and a few original maps will either be redesigned or extended.


      What I can say that, it'll be a new experience.

    3. DynamiteKaitorn


      Ooo can't wait to see TSF levels! :D

    4. Bass Slapper '89
  8. Hello, Doom Slayers!


    Hope all is well. I am currently working with @Salahmander2. We're in the process of adding new maps to the Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC.



    "Out to Orbitus" by @Bass Slapper '89



    "Murder in the Technior" by @Salahmander2


    There has been sectors added in existing maps but I figured y'all will find out when all is finished. ;)


    Y'all have a safe week!

  9. Finished with the new enemies, obstacles and textures for the new maps.



  10. I added new enemies for the new maps that is being added by @Salahmander2.


    Few more enemies to add and I'll be finished.



    1. DynamiteKaitorn


      *sees turtle in a tank*



    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      Lmao right?


      Everything is coming along awesome! 😁

  11. Damn, it feels great to map design again!


    My apologizes for the odd vertical stretch. I am trying out UDMF to Doom, instead of Hexen to Doom!

    I am not sure if this is the cause of this but I am happy to be back!


    There is so much more I need to work on, but here's what I have worked on during my 8 hour shift!


    Upcoming mod, "Gargantuan"









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    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      That'll happen. 😉

      It'll be MAP02.

    3. Cipherz Gaming YT

      Cipherz Gaming YT

      DAMN BOI! That's one good map!

    4. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      @Cipherz Gaming YT thank you buddy. This was from a dream I had recently. Still need to make some adjustments.

  12. Getting my new computer this week! Looking forward to getting back to editing Jazz Jackrabbit Doom or any of the new maps I sketched.


    I missed it a lot.

    1. Biodegradable


      There are so many basses that require slapping!

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      Indeed, my friend, indeed. 🤘😊

  13. Hello Doom Slayers,


    There has been a lot of updated progress with Jazz Jackrabbit Doom!


    @Salahmander2 has done a kick ass job so far! Thank you again buddy.


    I'll be purchasing my computer next week and begin working the new enemy sprites for the new maps. Thanks to Dolphman. Looking forward to getting back to Doom editing.


    A little over a month of no modding or map editing was a pain.


    Y'all have a great day! Be safe!

  14. Hey Doom family, hope all is well.


    I'm still around, just been busy with my personal life. @Salahmander2 got in touch with me and mentioned about polishing up Jazz Jackrabbit Doom and adding in maps of his own. I'm stoked with what he comes up with. Thank you again for putting in the time.


    My personal computer situation is on hold til October... Got a lot of personal things to take care of. But, in the meantime, I'll be busy with my band DIOXIS and a 2nd music project I recently joined.


    I figured I'd share what's going on. I don't want to leave y'all in the dust. Y'all be safe and well.

    1. Senor500


      An update to the mod? Very interesting! Hope you do well too!

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      So far, they mentioned what they worked on. It's exciting. Lol


      I won't post anything... Yet muahahahahaha.

  15. Hey, hope all is well. I'm currently in the process of searching for a new computer. My modding computer decided to crash.


    So, the new project which has no name at the moment will continue. I loved working maps on Jazz Jackrabbit Doom and the Holiday version, but I love the freedom of working on Doom maps.


    I have no plans at the moment with the project. I'm taking my time with it cause I'm mainly doing it to get better with mapping. All I can say is that this map will have a lot of exploring... It's gonna be a huge map, that's my plan. 😁


    It's unfortunate that my hiatus is gonna go a little than I thought. Well, once I find what I need, I'll get back to this.


    Until then, y'all be safe and well.








    1. DuckReconMajor


      Sorry to hear that. Hopefully with the new gen of hardware and even consoles coming soon the price of current hardware will drop.

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      I agree. Thank you for pointing that out. I may have found what I need, so I'll have to wait and see. 🤘

  16. Hello Doom Slayers,


    Hope y'all are doing well during this crazy year. I just want to share that due to personal issues, I'm gonna take a break from modding for a short bit.


    Corridor 666 (Corridor 7 Doom TC) will be on hold but it's still on my agenda to be completed.


    In the meantime, y'all be safe and well.

    1. Gaia74


      I will wait for your return, it is understable that you want to rest, I wish you the best meantime n.n

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      @Gaia74 thank you buddy. It shouldn't a long hiatus. I'll be back before y'all know it. ;)

  17. I'm just doodling around with a map... No clue where it's gonna go...

    I work from home and I am super bored right now lmao





    1. Biodegradable


      Let us know when you finish it, mate!

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      @Biodegradable I'll let y'all know bro. I'm gonna hold off on modding for now. I'm going through personal issues at the moment. Gonna take care of that. Until then, I wish for y'all to be safe and well.

  18. I won't be able to mod for awhile. My work from home computer is on the fritz, so I had to swap with my personal computer.


    Hopefully I'll get my work computer fixed soon. It's been a few days but I miss modding...


  19. Worked on the Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC and I am having second thoughts about redesigning the map again. It felt like I was rushing a bit... It looked meh when I got to where I left off.


    My plan is to get back to sketching again and design something new.


    I'm going to be playing a gig with my band, DIOXIS this weekend, so I'll get back to designing on Doom Builder next week. Y'all enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.

  20. Sorry if I haven't stayed in touch, been extremely busy with family.


    So, I have made a lot of plans and ideas with the Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC


    • Going to add "Idle" animation when the player is not in motion for a certain amount of time. I still need to figure out how to work on this.
    • Going to add more detail on some of the levels I redesigned... little touch ups.
    • Updated and repositioned the M_DOOM Logo
    • Edited the Mugshot frames.
    • Currently redesigning the mini boss level, Map 10... Still a work in progress.






  21. Update 11/8


    I got more comfortable with detail in level designing, I decided to go back, start designing from scratch on the levels that needed minor touch ups or serious attention.


    What I have redesigned/completed levels:



    Minor touch ups:

    • MAP01: JAZZ PAD - Changed the platform area behind the house. Now it has easy to jump sectors to get back to where the player started. You now have the choice to take the platforming path behind the house, or, once the switch is flipped to open gate, a hidden area nearby will open up to a teleporter that will take you to the gate.
    • MAP02: CARROTUS HQ - Changed the exit sector.
    • MAP05: MEDIVO CASTLE - Changed the exit area, fixed unpegged textures or misaligned textures.
    • MAP08: WATER DEPTHS - Added a hidden path to secret level, removed any errors through F4 on Doom Builder 2.
    • MAP13: COLONIAL CATASTROPHE - Changed a certain texture; to avoid any confusion to the player when exiting the level.
    • MAP14: SLEEPLESS NIGHT - Brought the brightness up. Too dark.


    Work in progress/TBA:

    • MAP10: TANKS - *TBA*

    Leaving As Is:

    • MAPS 12,15-20 - This was around the time my level designing improved. I'm still planning on going back and look for any touch ups.


    Besides the levels, I also tweaked with the enemies attacks and features, redesigned a few of the Turtle Gunner sprites... now they have more detail. I removed a few of the weapons Jazz uses. Added a new enemy, which is a Flower for level MAP09. I am doing my best when it comes to balancing the weapons. Added new textures to match the levels themes.


    Y'all have a great weekend coming up.

  22. Sorry I haven't kept everyone updated. It's been a busy month for me.


    I played a last minute gig with my band, DIOXIS, this past Saturday. Had a gig yesterday, opening up for Mushroomhead... that was a blast. Now I have one more gig for the month, which is this Saturday.


    I did a little bit of editing and updating when I did get the chance. I decided to add Spring Pad sprites, instead of using Sectors, scripted a linedef to play a sound once crossed. Looked through examples of scripting to get the idea. Touched up MAP01, MAP02, MAP05.


    MAP07: Beachin' Bunny is on hold until all Spring Pads are replaced through out all 21 levels. It shouldn't take long though.



  23. Not sure if anyone saw my update, but I got a lot done this week when it comes

    to updates for Jazz Jackrabbit Doom:

    • The sprites are complete for the Turtle Gunners. Definitely better detail than before.
    • I added an additional ramp and a few bumpers to fill in the empty space on the Pinball machine level.
    • The enemies will be the vanilla Doom enemies. Projectile based.
    • I am trying to add Intermission Text in MAPINFO, but another set of Intermission Text is popping up instead, which has nothing to do with what your next task is. I'm sure it involves the Clusters but I will figure it out.

    What took the longest was obviously the sprites for the Turtle gunners. Photoshop was a big help. My next set of goals will be a breeze:

    • Sketch out the level layout with pen and paper. Easier for me that way.
    • Redesign Maps 03, 10 and 11 on Doom Builder 2.
    • Finish setting up the Cluster numbers for Intermission Text.

    This is all I have for now. I'm sure more will pop up later on. Until then, I'll keep y'all posted. Have a great weekend everybody!