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  1. Bass Slapper '89

    Ultimate Jazz Jackrabbit Doom (EPISODE 1)

    Enjoy the episode when you can this weekend. If you come across any bugs, leave a comment here and we'll get them fixed.
  2. Bass Slapper '89

    Ultimate Jazz Jackrabbit Doom (EPISODE 1)

    HEY ALL YOU DOOM SLAYERS! Hope everyone is doing well! Guess what? Episode 1 of Jazz Jackrabbit Doom has been uploaded for your turtle slaughtering pleasure! -9 Maps! -2 bonus stages that'll give you extreme nostalgia! Good luck finding them! -2 secret maps of pure fun! -10 weapons -Tons of goons to shoot! -GZDoom recommended!!! -Tons of Easter eggs hidden through the episode! -Allowed to jump, crouch and mouse look! Trailer Download Link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/jazz-jackrabbit-doom-tc/downloads/ultimate-jazz-jackrabbit-doom-episode-1 Team Hell Hare: @Salahmander2 @Rolls @Ozymandias81 @Drugod @QuakedoomNukem Cz @doomjedi @Bass Slapper '89 @talon1024 @randumb @dolphman
  3. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Sick Trailer by @QuakedoomNukem Cz 🤘 Demo: https://www.moddb.com/mods/jazz-jackrabbit-doom-tc/downloads/jjdoom-demo-v10 Enjoy! -Team Hell Hare
    1. DynamiteKaitorn


      Only gave this a quick 5-10 minute test and personally a few things could to with rebalancing. For one, the default blaster feels incredibly weak against the turtles and bees of the first map, taking like 6-8 shots to defeat. Also, the Bee's AI is far too smart for the lower difficulties as it feels like it almost knows EXACTLY when I click to fire. The riot shotgun wep does help dispatch them but most of the time I just kept toasting things as that was the only weapon to me that seemed to have dealt damage well.


      For the level design, every time I come back I keep getting blown away at how brilliant and beautiful this looks! :D I'm not sure how much left there is of Jazz Jackrabbit DooM but when the final build is released, I am totally doing a full-on playthrough. :)


      Also, since you're now referencing Jazz 2, will we see an introduction to the upgraded weapons system or  will it still be strict J1 weapon rules? And will sugar rush be a thing?

    2. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      Glad you enjoyed it.


      Thanks for pointing out about the LFG2000 weak projectiles. That'll be worked on.


      When it comes down for the future, the LFG2000 will be the only weapon sprite which will share other ammo types, just like the original games.


      Maps will definitely have tons of detail. I design the maps (mostly the regular maps) and @Salahmander2 polishes them and he also designs the bonus maps which will be featured in the full version.


      We're going all out on this project. We made the decision to design every stage from the Jazz Jackrabbit franchise. 😁


      Sugar Rush will be in the notes. Good idea.


      If you have twitter, you can follow me there on my progress with maps or progress of the mod.

  4. Bass Slapper '89

    How do you like your pizza?

    Hand Tossed or Thin crust Light Sauce Pepperoni Beef, Pork, Italian Sausage Onions Bell Pepper Mushrooms Black Olives ...and Bacon Extra mozzarella cheese Garlic Butter on the side for dipping my crust. All while my dog is drooling. 🤣
  5. Long time no see, hope everyone is doing well!


    I wanted to keep y'all updated:


    Jazz Jackrabbit TC for Doom 2 is still in the works. I have a team of friends who are helping out with the project, which is going great!


    We have redesigned/extended the 21 original maps from v9.5a, plus the few new maps we added. We recently made a potential decision of adding new maps from every stage in the Jazz Jackrabbit franchise.


    Definitely a lot gameplay once everything is complete. I don't remember mentioning but we did originally plan to release the mod this year, but since we decided to add more maps, it will be announced in 2022.


    Keep an I eye out for a demo to be released this month. ;)


    Until then, have a great year, be safe and kick ass!

  6. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My progress with MAP50: Industrius Zone
  7. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Glad this helped motivate you. I'll be looking forward to what you design. Hellyeah, thanks. Very much appreciated. I always do my best. 😁
  8. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Glad you like it. I agree, nostalgia definitely hits hard. Lol, fun fact, I am a bass player as well. Love the jam. 😁
  9. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My progress with MAP50: Industrius Zone! This'll be a brand new map added to the Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC! My apologies for any lagging during the recording.
  10. Hope everyone is doing well!


    I just finished designing MAP25: Stonar for Jazz Jackrabbit Doom, which is a brand new map being added to the TC.



    MAP25: Stonar - @Bass Slapper '89 and @Salahmander2


    3 brand new maps are lined up to be completed which were also not part of the original mod I posted last year. That means more fun to experience when this will be released.


    Deserto - @Salahmander2

    MegaAirBase - @Salahmander2

    Industrius - @Bass Slapper '89


  11. The mod is going to be tested. I'll post the mod once I get the official okay. :)


    Y'all have a great weekend and be safe!


  12. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Lol, there's a video that went viral of some dude getting hit in the face with a full Twisted Tea can! I thought it would be hilarious for Doom Guy to do the same. XD
  13. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My progress with the Twisted Tea mod. I am finally getting the hang of Polyobjects. I felt the need of adding swinging and sliding doors, mainly to learn how to do so. It'll be one map I'll be designing for this mod. My goal is to finish this project in a few weeks. The map designing will take me a bit. I am still deciding to change all the Doom weapons to Twisted Tea themed...
  14. Bass Slapper '89

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Here's a sample of what I worked on with Twisted Tea Doom.