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  1. ParaBellum

    No Doom 3 this year?

  2. ParaBellum

    New PC Gamer Info

  3. ParaBellum

    Doom3 mod

    It can be used for anything you want. But that's not the point. The Doom3 engine is NOT best suited for say, a Rainbow Six or Operation Flash point type game. At least nto without adding a lot of physics and reducing the shadows so you can have high poly models.
  4. ParaBellum

    Doom3 mod

    Doom is all about fantasy. CS type games won't go well with it. Leave that for HL2.
  5. ParaBellum

    Dunno if this has been confirmed or not

    Heh, that's old Ed for you! He's always ranting about something or another. :-)
  6. ParaBellum

    Where did this monster go???

    Well whatever it is, I can't wait to meet it for the first time in doom3. God that will be scary.
  7. ParaBellum

    Where did this monster go???

    I agree, I got shit scared just looking at it's picture. Sooo much better then the new imp with the triangle head.
  8. ParaBellum

    Doom 3 weapons

    What will be the melee weapons, if any?
  9. ParaBellum

    Baby bee?

    You're right about Quake 4, it will be more about the damn Stroggs or whatever they're called. I liked Quake 1 better because of the demonic monsters and environment. All these cybernetic beings are so cliched and old. I hope Doom3 ends up having some good demons that actually look like demons. With horns and stuff. I do like the tentacle commander a lot.
  10. ParaBellum

    hell enviroments

    And I hope they're a little bigger then the small space station levels. I don't picture hell as claustrophobic tunnels somehow.
  11. ParaBellum

    Best Monitor for the money

    Or if you can, go for the more higher end FP912SB http://www.necmitsubishi.com/products/home/ProductDetail.cfm?product_id=249&division=NEC
  12. ParaBellum

    Best Monitor for the money

    I would highly recommend the NEC/Mitsubishi MultiSync FE991SB for a good price-performance option. In my opinion the Sony's are too overpriced, and the Viewsonic's have great image quality, but mediocre text quality. The Multisync's have a good balance IMO. http://www.necmitsubishi.com/products/home/ProductDetail.cfm?product_id=214&division=NEC
  13. I don't need limited saves to have the shit scared out of me in a game. I've been known to be scared shitless while using god mode. :-(
  14. ParaBellum

    In your opinion?

    AMD+nforce2+Radeon 9700
  15. ParaBellum

    Baby bee?

    Umm, cuz they are mutants? But yeah, we need more horns and demonic imagery. Anyways, I think Quake 4 maybe more demonic. I think.