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  1. Demonic

    Ruining Doom

    Anyway, I imagine that Doom3 wont be anything too special. Im sure I'll enjoy playing it, and perhaps even making maps and textures (mmm, heightmaps). But I dont think it's going to revolutionize the industry. Id hasnt described anything so far that hasnt been done in another game. It pretty much sounds like quake2 + extra scare. [/B][/quote]I agree, I fear it will just be a highly polished FPS with an impressive lighting system. I guess the physics engine is kind of cool but nothing that sets it apart from any other FPS with a physics engine in it. Hell on the Xbox trailer when the the zombies got gibbed I thought it looked really cheesy, I remember the old doom when you hit a zombie or an imp with a rocket or they got blown up by a barrel it was very gratifying. I loved to see the chunks go sliding across the floor with the concusion from the explosion. It seems on Doom 3 the gibbing is almost scripted, like no matter how you blew them up it would be the same everytime(I hated that about RTCW and a few other games). I could be wrong about the whole thing but I wish game developers would concentrate on the little things a little more , Im sure the new lighting system and most of the new monster designs will be very cool but I dont think that alone will carry the game(yes I understand it has story and plot and all that good stuff). I have played games that are basically clones of another game but had more detail to certain aspects of the game and I thought the game rocked because of it. I guess what Im really scared of is they are using the name Doom to sell the game and putting a new lighting system in it and calling it done. I always thought what made the old Dooms so fun is one it simplicity and general I dont give a f%&k attitude, two all the little details that pulled it together to make one of the most memorable gaming experiences that I have ever come across. Sure the old Doom revolutionized gaming but what made it fun back then and now is the little details in the game play - I just hope they didn't leave that part out and use a gimmick as the selling point.
  2. Demonic

    Doom 3 co-op on XBOX Live

    I'm glad to see that the co-op on the Xbox will be handled through the system link rather than split screen(the first Halo was kinda crappy because of that - I hope they learned their lesson and don't use split screen on the second). Having your own TV or monitor makes for a way better experience. It sucks that they aren't doing a co-op for the computer. I would love to play side by side with some of you guys it sounds like there are some really good players amongst you. My friends that I have that play Xbox are only interested in sports games or fighting games and I kick their asses at that so it doesn't look to promising. Hopefully someone will make a mod for it. We'll see!
  3. Demonic

    DOOM3 on Xbox to have co-op

    Well put thank you!
  4. Demonic

    DOOM3 on Xbox to have co-op

    Hahahaha I think it's funny all of you guys getting so upset about the XBOX version. No matter what you guys think or say the XBOX kicks ass and if you think it doesn't then you obviously haven't played a good game on it like halo. And if you think it isn't capable of good graphics then play Return to Castle Wolfenstein on it gameplay is about the same as PC but graphics are alot better than PC, not to say that the XBOX is capable of better graphics but on some games they as good or better. I personally have all the next gen consoles and the XBOX is by far the best, I'm honored that Doom 3 is coming out on it not to mention that it is the only console capable of running it. PS2 has more games but XBOX destroys it in every other catagory. I love the PC as much as the XBOX and maybe a little more because you can mod games and such. I've been reading this forum for awhile now and alot of you guys talk trash about the XBOX but it has it's place it might not be for everybody but it holds it's own. It won't push the PC off it's throne so guys don't need to get so upset. I'm going to get copy for both the PC and the XBOX(can't wait to play co-op on the XBOX hahahahaha - sorry fellas)
  5. Demonic

    Finally, some new info (SPOILERS)

    Awesome pic I would love to see more. Xbox version doesn't look as good as pc but Im still excited to get my hands on a copy. Thanks again!
  6. Demonic

    Doom 3 Imp

    It would be cool on Doom 3 if when you go to hell you find a factory of sorts that produces all the cybernetic demons with some sort of worker demons. That would help explain it. Then we could see if they are using honda or briggs&stratton engines on the new pinkys(just kidding ofcourse).
  7. I just had a thought wouldn't it be cool if someone(company or individual) made a new and improved Hexen and Hereitic using the new Doom 3 engine. I'm not sure if the old ones used the exact same engine or were just based on it, but I think it would be really cool to see those two games remade using the Doom 3 engine. I always enjoyed both games, ofcourse they aren't as cool as Doom is but they were still good games. It would be awesome to see what they could do with the new technology. Both games had pretty cool monsters and atmosphere, just think what they would look like brought back to life using Doom 3's engine. If I knew how to mod I would probably give it a shot but unfortunatly I don't. But hey if anybody who does know how to mod wants to make a good remake I'm sure nobody would mind! Just a thought.
  8. Personally I am eager to see all the bigger demons in their new look. The hell knight and pinky were pretty cool designs but I'm dying to see the baron. I'm wondering if they go with the general design of the hell knight but bigger and horns or something. Or will they have a complete different design for him. And I'm probably the most excited about seeing the ol cyberdemon. I'm going out of my mind to see what they did with him. IMO he was one of the most kickass demons on the original doom series. When I hear that mechanical gimp-limp of his it really gets my heart pounding. Of course I'm interested to see the rest of the old demons and new ones as well but the cyberdemon is one I'm really anxious to see. I hope they don't go and fuck his design up. Not to say I'm unhappy with what I've seen already(except for the lost souls not to crazy about them) But I guess we will just have to see.
  9. Demonic

    Activision woes could affect Doom 3's release date

    Thank you I'm glad someone else can see a game that looks promising, no one ever said it was better than Doom 3 in any way. And if you judge a game by the leaked alpha then Doom 3 was not that impressive, the graphics are great but I did not see much beyond that. But from what I've seen and read about both games I think they will both turn out to be excellent games in their own respect.
  10. Demonic

    Activision woes could affect Doom 3's release date

    Yes true they never gave a specific release date but they were hinting about a end of the year release. And I'm sorry but I don't believe anything anybody tells me I believe it when I see it I'm from the show me state so show me DAMN IT!!!
  11. Demonic

    Activision woes could affect Doom 3's release date

    I read that Halo 2 is going to be delayed AGAIN!!!
  12. Demonic

    Activision woes could affect Doom 3's release date

    I was not aware of a leak of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And I was not comparing it to Doom 3 in anyway I know Doom 3 will blow it away. But I was pointing out that it will most likely be on schedule. Other than the delay and some other small complaints I think Doom 3 will be one of the best games to date(I hope anyway) except for the original Doom.
  13. Demonic

    Activision woes could affect Doom 3's release date

    Im sorry but Im getting a little annoyed with all these promises for all these newer games that say they are coming out around a certain time and then get pushed back. I love Doom and can't wait until Doom 3 comes out but if they keep pushing it back it really starts to loss its flavor. Its kind of like when you tease your dog with a treat and keep teasing him until he just doesnt give a shit about it anymore. Thats kind of how Im starting to feel, not just about Doom 3 but other games like Halo 2 and Half life 2. Its a bad trend they are starting. But a couple of games I am looking forward to is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. oblivion lost and Far Cry they are no Doom 3 but looks interesting and best of all they are running on schedule.
  14. Demonic

    Doom 3 weapons

    Man some of the people who post on this forum take things way to serious. It's obvious that ravage and Dark Fox dont have real lives outside of the internet. It's ok fellas I dont hate you guys just dont understand why your getting so upset over an OPINION. It's just a thought didn't mean to get you guys all pissy. OK just take a few deep breaths and think happy thoughts - you'll be alright I have faith in you guys!
  15. Demonic

    Doom 3 weapons

    12ga. on another note to above posts by demonic I think the shotgun in Duke nukem 3d was extremly good its a mossberg Special Purpose 500 and looks fucking awesome, look up mossberg shotguns there beautiful guns. Didnt say I didnt like shotgun but I do like the SPAS or Benelli super 90 type shotguns better - just my opinoin Oh and to Dark Fox - just because you have posted on this forum "regularly" doesnt mean you know what your talking about or for that matter even have a valid point yourself so quite licking DSM' s balls he obviously can speak for himself - god I hate Dick Riders!!! Oh and by the way to DSM, I agree with most of what your saying and respect your opinion Im sorry if what I said came across wrong . Im really looking forward to Doom 3 and I want every aspect of it to be beyond my wildest dreams(I know it probably wont be that good but hey I can dream right) Oh and by the way my post was just a simple OPINION - So Deal!!!