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  1. Upgraded my GeForce 3 Ti200 to a Radeon 9600 today (latest 3.5 cat drivers), and ZDoomGL is giving me a weird visual problem now. Basically I'm seeing monsters, decals, and a few other things (torches etc) I wouldn't normally be able to see temporarily flash through walls as I get close to them, it always happens just for a second or two, sometimes multiple times, and eventually stops, but will happen again as I get closer to other monsters/powerups/animated objects, etc. I've tried to get screenshots but everytime I take one, the "flashed in" objects flash back out and it ends up looking like a normal screenshot, so nothing I can show you there unfortunately. Oh and it's not the "gl_clip_nearclip 0.1" issue either I'm afraid, if only it were that simple. I did notice that when I purged textures, or changed texture detail (just messing around trying stuff), all monsters etc would flash in and out as well for a sec, what it means, I wish I knew. Any ideas would be appreciated, trying to play like this is... annoying.
  2. ZealPath

    Community Chest Project

    Let's see if I can explain this worth a damn. If you know how to get to the upper ledge in the room where the massive amount of cacodemons is inititally (with blue water on the ground), then this should make sense (you get up there through a teleporter). If you go all the way around the ledge from where you teleport in, you'll find a switch which lowers the wall behind you, and some stairs leading down to the exit. You've got some revenants in your way but aside from that if you can kill them, you're pretty close to home free. Now I just hope that made sense, if not, maybe someone else can describe it better. After finally finishing it today I have to say map 6 was a little... odd compared to the first 5 levels. I'm all for the challenge and a little bit of "puzzling around" trying to find out where to go, but some of those doors were ridculous to find (well mainly just the one in "the blue room"), and no apparent way to get the yellow key other than strafe running. That said I still mostly liked it, just think making the path a little more obvious would have been nice.
  3. ZealPath

    Community Chest Project

    Keeping with the trend of talking about map06 (I guess), I'm totally stumped there now. I've gotten the red key and moved into the "blue room," dealt with the revenants and sergeants, pressed those "vents" to find the rockets and rocket launcher... and have no clue what to do now. I've pressed every switch I've seen, there just doesn't seem to be anything to do at this point, as I've gone around the entire map again several times now with no luck. Oh well, if anyone can throw me some info it'd be appreciated, I've even cheated the full map on just to see if it would make it obvious but... it hasn't yet anyway.
  4. ZealPath

    .bex files?

    So what's the deal with .bex files, I downloaded the community chest wad and noticed it came with both a .deh and .bex file. I'm familiar with dehs but what, if anything, should I be doing with the bex? Thanks for any info, I use the latest version of ZDoomGL btw.
  5. ZealPath

    0.75 to be delayed

  6. ZealPath

    3D models vs dynamic lighting! Fight!

    Lighting! (There's a reason I still have a copy of 0.66 around)
  7. ZealPath

    Autorun Function/Command

    Thanks, yeah caps lock was actually bound to that by default too so somehow that slipped past me, thanks for the clarifications though.
  8. ZealPath

    Autorun Function/Command

    Is there a function in ZDoomGL I can bind to a key to toggle autorun on/off? (Or 2 seperate functions for on and off, I don't know how it's set up) Thanks in advance if anyone knows (someone does! right?).
  9. ZealPath


    Yeah I was using 0.70 at the time, got 0.74 and sweet is all I can say, thanks =0.
  10. ZealPath


    Thanks, I actually figured that out a few hours after I posted, Hexen support still needs some work but Heretic seemed fine. Be a hell of a program when it's done though.
  11. ZealPath

    Favorite doom music?

    Waaay back when Doom was new it scared me like so many others, if there's any level I remember from back then it's E1M7, and it's accompanying song. It just seemed to ooze fear and dread, and E1M7 was definitely one of those "the room gets dark and an imp pops out" kinds of levels, which back then was honestly pretty damn scary. I think the main reason I remember it is because I had played up to E1M7 in the shareware version (good ol' PC speaker sound effects), then installed a (new at the time, fear it!), SB16 sound card in my old 486 sometime before I continued playing Doom. So I launched Doom and loaded up my game, and experienced all the game's sound effects for the first time, as well as my first Doom level song, E1M7's. So in that way it was the first Doom music I heard and to me is sort of like an unoffcial theme song for Doom, just has an extra meaning to me. But like the above posters I grew up with Doom music and the midi soundtracks to various other games so even now I still like it, mainly the nostalgic feeling and reminder of the past that it gives me.
  12. ZealPath

    Plutonia vs. Evilution

    I'd say I had more fun with TNT, mainly the parts where they added new graphics like secret level #1 (map 30). It had a little more of a "feel" than plutonia, which was definitely an awesome challenge, but the constant reloading after getting your ass kicked by some chaingunner or revenant you didn't see did get old after a while =0.
  13. ZealPath


    What happened to them? The links at the old site, http://www.raven-games.com/hosted/kokak/ no longer work so I'm just trying to find out if they're still available somewhere, never did try them. Any info would be appreciated if anyone knows, thanks.