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  1. IDKrisis

    [WIP] Umbra of Fate

    Okay, I managed to beat the mod on Hard after some practice. Definitely worth it. :D I guess I've been playing with too many of the easier mods lately.
  2. IDKrisis

    [WIP] Umbra of Fate

    I took a look at this mod and thought it looked perfect for me, but it wasn't long before I became hopelessly stuck. The fireballs hurled by the barons of hell move WAY too fast, often making them impossible to dodge, as if they were using hitscan weapons. As far as I can tell, the only way to avoid being killed by a baron of hell in this mod is to cheat.
  3. IDKrisis

    Void And Rainbow

    I have a couple of minor bugs to report. There are some decorations resembling a globe on a short pillar. In the screenshots, these are appear to be have the same rainbow effect as the textures and other decorations, but when I play this mod with the latest version of GZDoom, the globes and their pillars are white. Also when I start playing, I get a lot of error messages reading "portal on floor/ceiling of sector xxxx is sloped and will be disabled", though the mod still seems to be fully playable. I would like to say while I'm here that this mod has an amazing dream-like feel to it which I love. This is a really masterfully crafted piece of work.