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  1. cyberdemon666JV

    A month's worth of new sketches (NON DOOM RELATED)

    I'm sorry, but isnt this a doom website? , and don't NONE of these anything to do with doom? like not even the slightest bit, not.. eva robot gets doomed!! or i call this manga picture i drew doom, it has NOTHING to do with doom, this is a doom website, am i the only one that gets that?
  2. cyberdemon666JV

    Doom Action Figure

    yeah hes a bit blocky i just finished painting him, and im working on the accessories right now. i think the blockiness isnt too bad though i did a bit more sanding since that pic but yeah woods hard to work with, but looks pretty kick ass in the end. for the helmet i painted the face plate darksilver and melted hotglue over top of it to make it more glassy looking.
  3. cyberdemon666JV

    Doom Action Figure

    Hey, after seeing so many posts of MmM's awesome sculptures and that wicked legodemon, i decided i really wanted a doom action figure, so for the last 3 days ive been in my basement ,apart from working and going to the bathroom , carving a doom marine out of wood, and painting him, hes nowhere even close to being done yet, but a glimpse of what i have done is here http://server2.uploadit.org/files/switch108-pic.jpg with the marine im making chainsaw, pistol, double barrel shotty, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, the bfg, medkit, and a backpack. If you can think of any other accessories lemme know, n tell me what u think. also im making the head switchable between helmet and without, but for the helmet im not liking the blue, and dont feel like painting a lil face in, if u have any other ideas for color lemme know that too. Jesse vaillancourt
  4. cyberdemon666JV


    lmao, im starting to think i was one of the only few ppl in the world who though imps had fur originally
  5. cyberdemon666JV

    Another art contest?

    I was just curious if theres gonna be another art constest anytime soon? lemme know, thanks..
  6. cyberdemon666JV

    Metroid II Tsumuri model

    i was actually thinking of more so designing the background and characters. make like a scene from doom that we both agree on, ill draw up how i picture it looking and scan it in, send it to you and sculpture the drawing in your style. If you have msn im switch108@hotmail.com if u wanna get ahold of me to talk it out. whatever ideas you have too is cool, ive just never collaberated before either n i think we could make something fairly kick ass between the two of us.
  7. cyberdemon666JV


    thats actually the biggest compliment ive ever gotten, todd mc farlane is one of my favourite artists, thanks man
  8. cyberdemon666JV


    hey, thanks for the feedback. I find it interesting ur talking about the fact that being furry would somehow make a difference when it comes to throwing fireballs, because regardless of fur, or just bare skin ur gunna get burnt :P , thanks for taking the time to check out my art. If you have requests lemme know. Jesse Vaillancourt
  9. cyberdemon666JV

    Metroid II Tsumuri model

    hey, I checked out alot of ur sculptures, and i like alot of what i saw, I was curious if you might want to collaberate on a peice together at some point? if not its cool but get back to me on it.
  10. cyberdemon666JV


    hey, i just finished an imp, its in my own style though, so dont expect it to be exactly the same as the original sprite er anything lol. and I readded the link to my cacodemon incase u missed it. lemme know what u think. IMP: http://server3.uploadit.org/files/switch108-Impcopy.jpg CACODEMON: http://server3.uploadit.org/files/switch108-cacodemoncopy.jpg
  11. cyberdemon666JV

    New Art

    hey, thanks for your feedback so far, right now im working on a scene of the doom guy sitting against a wall loading his shotgun while down the hall some imps are eating a corpse of a marine. but as far as the cacodemon goes, about the shading, i would have done more lighting effects and such but being on a white background and not having any other light sources in a background to interact with i more so left it as my idea of what a plain cacodemon would look like. If anyone does have any requests for upcoming artwork let me know and thanks for taking the time to look at my drawings.
  12. cyberdemon666JV

    Lost Soul model

    wow, I've never seen anything that looked quite like that before, its definetly original. Dont worry yourself about the symmetry of the skull after all, a flying demonic head thats on fire is bound to have some imperfections :P
  13. cyberdemon666JV

    New Art

    hey, i know i havent posted any art in probably like.. a year. But I'm going through a doom phase once again so for the next while I'll be doing alot more. Heres a cacodemon I drew yesterday , I'll be adding more to this thread later on. Jesse Vaillancourt CACODEMON: http://server3.uploadit.org/files/switch108-cacodemoncopy.jpg
  14. cyberdemon666JV

    New Pictures (Good Copies)

    alright.. im back on my feet, n ready to do some art.. i dunno y my threads havent been added to the fanart index yet.. but whatever. give me some feedback on ideas
  15. cyberdemon666JV

    New Pictures (Good Copies)

    I'm probably going to be away for a couple of days due to the power source on my comp dying... and i almost fried my motherboard so thats a real kick in the junk. BUT im getting it fixed like...now (im typing this from school) but when i get my pc back ill have plenty more art on the way