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  1. DaRkWaRloCk

    [Completed] MegaWad - Eternal Nightmares V1.1

    Dude! Thank you so much for let me testing your MegaWAD, is freakin' awesome and it's a really nice Wad. It's one of those WADs what are very funniest and very addictives! The textures are well taken care, has a nice and care monsters level. The secrets are really hidden. Maps are pretty textured too. It's simply perfect! I hope what many people can play it and enjoy your job as much as I do. Once again, thank you so much for let me test your WAD and let me help you before the release! Keep it up and congrats! Peace!
  2. Well, I guess people will see me pass by since I'm "new"(Not really, only this account is new but I've been playing and mapping for years). Hello! You already know how my username is so I do not need to introduce myself. Soon I will present some projects to fill at least this space with timeĀ and help the community as much as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Peace!