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  1. How do i make a sprite in Slade3? i have some textures like trees and stuff i want to make into a sprite but i dont know how to go about this
  2. And how do I do that? do I rename a sky texture SKY1?
  3. Tor1zo

    Can you make episodes like Doom 1 in Doom 2?

    In what map format is this?
  4. Can you make episodes each with 8 levels on Doom 2? or should I make a Doom 1 WAD? I don't wanna make a Doom 1 WAD because there's less enemies and no ssg and I already planned the levels with Doom 2 enemies in mind.
  5. So i want to start making more Deathmatch maps for ZDaemon, and o thought ZDaemon was Boom only, turns out you can do slopes and other stuff that isnt in Boom and i found a specific map format for ZDaemon, which i cant get to run on something more modern than Doom Builder 2, and i cant download Ultimate Doom Builder because it requires a certain redistributable that is broken when downloaded from the official microsoft page. (Ive tried GZDoom Builder 2 but it gives me some errors when trying to insert the .cfg file) So the question is, what map format can i use to make maps for ZDaemon?
  6. Then what is the Vanilla behaviour?
  7. Few questions I have about Boom format How can I make it so when I kill an enemy a door opens? Similar to the first one, how can I make it so when I kill an enemy the level ends? How can I use the skybox from the city levels of Doom2 in levels that don't use that skybox texture? How can I make those bridges that use stair textures? How do I change the name of a level? (so Map01 isn't Entryway but another name) What do I have to do to add a custom animated texture? (I have for example EX_01 and EX_02 and i want them to function like an animated texture, but when I insert them they don't move like they should.)
  8. Tor1zo

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    When i got into Doom. I remember i didnt have a very powerful pc, so i could only play old games (thats where my fascination for them started :D) one day i was on youtube and found this video of the "Most violent Doom mod EVER!!!!!1!!1!11!" turns out it was Brutal Doom, but a reeeaaally old version of it, with a map WAD that was like Doom 2 but more "modern", with like 3d floors and such, so i downloaded it and it blew me away, i loved smearing my enemies' blood all over the floor as i shot them with my railgun, i finished all the campaign, and i was replaying it when my dad stood behind me and watched silently as i played, then he left the room. FFW some hours later and we went to burguer king because mom wasnt home to prepare dinner, so i was there eating when he asks me: "What was that game you were playing earlier?" I shit my pants, i thought it was too violent for me and he would ground me, i had to say the truth. "Doom, that 90s game but modified with more blood and weapons and stuff" He laughed and told me about how he used to DM with his mates at work, and how he would download some unfinished or broken maps that would crash his computer, i knew right there that Doom was more than that mod i had played, i played the vanilla Doom, Doom II, Plutonia, TNT, Heretic, Hexen, etc. Then i went to the internet and found some maps and mods to play with, until i discovered Doom Builder and started toying around with it, i finished my first level, and showed it to my dad, who downloaded GZDoom on his work pc to play and we both had a blast, i never felt this united with my dad, and is something i will never forget. Another memory is when i discovered ZDaemon, me and my friend (the same one i did my DM mappack with) played on deathmatch servers all the time, and got frustrated when another person joined, and we insulted him with everything we got and in all languages we knew, we got tired and we decided to make our own server, hosting our favourite WADs, i tried running one, worked once, then never again, watched some tutorials, turns out i needed to forward ports, how did i do it? i didnt, my dad did. Two hours of pure "what do i do now?" and "is it working? ask your friend if he can join" but we got it to work and we played all of Doom and Doom II, and i have really fun memories of it. EDIT: typos
  9. Tor1zo

    unlucky moments

    i was playing some wad's MAP30 (i dont remember) and when i was one rocket from killing the final boss, a lost soul appeared in front of me and when i shot the last rocket, it exploded on my face and i died... Then i loaded my last save, in map 24
  10. Tor1zo

    DOOM stuff modelled in Cinema 4D

    you should paint the legs brown and add a fur texture ?
  11. Tor1zo

    "The Dreamlands" Mega Wad - working thread.

    i like what i see
  12. not much the aim, but i always forget i can crouch when playing something else than doom
  13. Taw was laying there, asleep, probably dead, until...
  14. Tor1zo

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    "Join the robot army today!"