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  1. Tor1zo

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    Any city level idk
  2. Tor1zo

    Low framerate on skybox sector on GZDoom

    Used to have one with 64bits but it crashed and had to change it, and idk why i have 16 gbs
  3. Wow! thats actually really interesting! (by far, the ones made in ms paint were the best)
  4. Tor1zo

    Low framerate on skybox sector on GZDoom

    I have a WIN 10 computer, 32 bits i use a GeForce GTX 520 Ti as my graphics card and i have 16 gb of ram
  5. Like the title says. When im in a sector with a skybox or a place where a skybox is visible, my game goes to 30 FPS (normally 60 FPS) anybody got a solution??? NOTE: This ONLY haoppens when in hardware accelerated renderer ON, if im in Software renderer its always on 60 FPS)
  6. Tor1zo

    How do i make custom skyboxes???

    Perfect, ill try it, Thx
  7. What the title says. Not talking about making some square sector and placing the "Skybox viewpoint" on it, im talking about changing the default sky texture from DooM 2 into the texture from the DooM alphas. Maybe placing the texture on Slade3 and naming it something..?
  8. Tor1zo

    UNX03: Headquarters (Single vanilla level)

    I agree with the unknown man.
  9. Tor1zo

    Could not find rquired lump TEXTMAP

    Solution found. Read edit
  10. Tor1zo

    Could not find rquired lump TEXTMAP

    So, you know how to solve it? Maybe moving the Lump or something like that??
  11. Tor1zo

    Heavy Metal Armageddon - work in progress

    Looks awesome! As i always say: cant wait to play it!!
  12. Whenever i try to insert textures into my map, this error appears. From what i know it is a common error and i couldnt find any solution on the INTERWEBZ and i need a solution. (using Akeldamas textures.) EDIT: I FOUND THE SOLUTION! you can know when this will happen just by seeing the "Map marker" (? almost at the bottom of the things in Slade3, if its not MAP01 there shoudl be a marker at the top saying "MAP01". you just delete that marker and rename the "Map marker" (? to MAP01 or the map you were editing!! (WAAAYYY easy :P)
  13. Tor1zo

    Switching file names.

    Oooooohhh of course. thenks.