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  1. The Other Guy

    Games using DOOM mods

    I want to find a few mods for DOOM that work as it's own game like Brutal Wolfenstein and the Operation Body Count mod.
  2. The Other Guy

    The right kind of map

    I downloaded the Kriegsland mod , which is basically a mod that is inspired by Wolfenstein The New Order, I was wondering if there is any maps or map packs that you think best fit this mod
  3. The Other Guy

    Tactical mods

    I know this will take away from the run and gun style but I was wondering if they're are any mods which feel more tactical, basically like playing a modern FPS game
  4. The Other Guy

    X mas mods

    I'm looking for some festive mods for a Christmas DOOM video
  5. The Other Guy

    What are some interesting mod combinations?

    I dare you to mix HDOOM and Brutal DOOM, the result is not what you expect
  6. The Other Guy

    Dumb ass mods

    Marine DOOM isn't dumb, just hard as shit
  7. The Other Guy

    Dumb ass mods

    Sadly I've recorded a video of me playing Run For It, lost the video, can't fake a reaction
  8. The Other Guy

    Dumb ass mods

    I'm looking for any dumb ass mods to react to for YouTube
  9. The Other Guy

    Mods by you

    So I can review mods that aren't mainstream, basically I want mods not many people have seen Also sadly none of these mods work, not your fault, this app is just dumb sometimes
  10. The Other Guy

    Mods by you

    Anyone have a mod they have created that they want reviewed on YouTube? Well I'm looking for some, but the files need to be compatible with GZDOOM and not be in a .rar format. Also the mod has to be by you or a close friend, no mods you found online.