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  1. instinct-driven

    BoH model

    damn dood, very nice, you should put these in jdoom ;x , there current 3d models are blah, i really wanna see an arch vile ;) or iron maiden from q2 ;p that would be hott to see high poly versions of both.
  2. instinct-driven

    id Acknowledges

    one thing i didnt notice on doom3.com's preorder section was best buys pre-order :\ i got one from them and it came w/ a poster and a mancubus, gamespot & eb come w/ no poster but have a demon (pinky) and hellknight.
  3. instinct-driven

    BoH model

    wish i could see images of it :\ images seem to be down, o well :) hopfully you can get em up again soon so i can see em ;), i really wanna see someone make an archvile model and a iron maiden model from quake 2 for q3 :x.
  4. instinct-driven


    the pentagram in the alpha is actually the symbol for the necronomicon (most people consider it "the book of the dead") and is also related to H.P. Lovecrafts work - the circles on the outside of the pentagram's outer ring i assume where added there to give it additional look, or id softwares "version" of it. But all in all thats what the symbol is :), not just an ordinary pentagram :p. Click for Symbol
  5. instinct-driven

    Generations of Doom

    ya i talk w/ the wirehead studio guys daily , the animations where planed to be released in this patch but do to thinks with having to be ready for quake con , the animations for the weapons will be put in the next version, if you guys wanna check em out they have their own irc network .. irc.wireheadstudios.net - #wirehead or on irc.enterthegame.com - #wirehead Good group of people, and if ya got any problems w/ the mod, technical and what not, dont hesitate to stop by and ask some of the guys for some help, they like seeing new faces around. (if ya wanna look for me i go by the name of Slave`) on both networks.
  6. instinct-driven

    QuakeCon / Doom3 MP speculations

    ya i agree, i enjoy the doom 2 dm very much w/ just 4 players or 1v1, along w/ doing so in quake, im not to fond of any FFA (Free For All) Death Match games that are more then 4 or 5 players, for TDM , i prefer 6 to 8 thats it, any mp games that are higher then that i only look for in the CTF / Combat Games (tfc , bf1942 , q3 ctf ect ect). I really think ill enjoy the p2p, it seems intresting and seems to be a new approach to a multiplayer style in this computer age, so i have high hopes for it, but well really have to wait and see.
  7. instinct-driven

    QuakeCon / Doom3 MP speculations

    ya, youll also find more information on xcast radio since xcast radio IS the offical quakecon station, they are located on gamesnet.net and irc.enterthegame.com - #xcast - they will be covering everything that happens at quake con from the speech that JC will give, the tournaments, and the doom 3 mp demo, and some staff of the #doom3 channel on etg will be w/ xcast covering the doom 3 related stuff. but ya, back to the MP i have high hopes for it, even tho not many are fond of the 4 player mp( its actually not that bad once you get into it) i think it will have a good turn out to the people at who test it at quake con, and hopfully they will release a public beta like between sep. and november.
  8. instinct-driven

    My Icon of Sin

    depends on how well you can understand things, i use ps7, but ive been using it since it was released, however i ahvent been coloring w/ it for that long , mostly just doing digital artwork and such, ill try and find a website that gives a great tutorial on how to color images, ill post it in here if i can find it.
  9. instinct-driven

    My Icon of Sin

    This is the second time ive ever done my pencil drawing in color , so forgive me if the color seems a bit off lol D: , o well , this took me quite awhile, about 4 or 5 hours with a 1 hour break, well here ya are .. http://driven-instinct.com/twistart/color/iossmall.jpg
  10. instinct-driven

    Whats a good wad to use ?

    ya i know , i got it updated :) thx tho.
  11. instinct-driven

    Whats a good wad to use ?

    nah i mean the doom 2 wad itself , ill check out that site , cause i got the latest version of zdaemon from the main website , jus when i play on servers that are playing on the default doom 2.wad , its outdated or somthing , i have an older version of the doom2wad so i wasnt able to play on those servers .. cause my graphics would be all screwd up . .on other servers w/ like dwango5 i run fine and stuff .. jus w/ the default doom2 wad it screws up so ima try and find a later version see if it helps any.
  12. instinct-driven

    Whats a good wad to use ?

    Im recently hosting a server w/ zdaemon , called di. driven-instinct DM .. and i was wondering whats a good wad to run the server on ? right now i have it on dwango5 , i was wondering if theres a popular type of wad that i could run it on ? or where i can get the latest doom II wad , because the one i have now is out of date compared to the others :\.
  13. instinct-driven


    i dont know who it was , but i was jus playing zdaemon online, under the name id.Slave , and i was killing this guy w/ a super shotgun , and he kept claiming that i had an aim bot :| this is like my first real month actually playing Doom II online, and here i am getting accused of cheating already , im not new to first person shooters, ive always been playing them since doom , and online , since quake 2 .. :| bleh .. its rather annoying at times , specially when i come into a new community that isnt as large as the others , but i prefer it that way because i figured there would be less assuming assholes in a smaller community rather then a large one like CS. (no offense to those who are respecting gamers and play doom II :) or any other games online :)).
  14. instinct-driven


    Can the art contest be of doom 3 monsters as well ? ya know ? the new ones that where in the trailer or somthing... (really stupid question but i wanted to make sure :) ).
  15. instinct-driven

    First colored drawing.

    she didnt wear leather , but if your implying if she was a dominatrix , then ya, she was :) still is .. to me atleast ;x lol .. we arnt together but .. ya. . thats another story hah.