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  1. Scabbed Angel

    Dateline vs. Predator

    Hmmn.. I must be out of the loop, I don't find predators funny at all...
  2. Scabbed Angel

    Half Life 2 questions

    Wildweasal: Thanks alot man! :D This whole Steam thing is really odd to me... I'll check out that mod. Is it just patches that steam is downloading? It seems bizarre that the game I purchased wouldn't be on the ... game I purchased? Heh. Bucket: Wow, it's been a while since I've been here: What happened to your name?! I'll give that a shot, thanks a lot for your help! :D EDIT: I await ragdoll goodness. ; )
  3. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    Myk, Okay. I'm not trying to get you to agree with me, I'm just trying to get you to actually understand what my stance is. And then hopefully, explain in an adult way, what you think is wrong with it. So here's a very very simple question. What is wrong with trying to take something positive from something bad, as well as acknowledging the bad with it too? See if you can amaze me by responding with a to the point, adult response. Also, why do you think it would be better if african americans were still in africa? And still you reply with: "Yeah, the savages, they should have come peacefully by themselves. Good thing we dumped them in a ship and brought them over, for their own good." How is this relevant to my saying it would have been great if slaverly hadn't happened? Good God.
  4. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    First off, I honestly think you've misunderstood me in some way. You also appear to have come to a conclusion about my stance and are unwilling to see it in truth. I'm not sure if, by this, you are stating that you are a racist or think that I am. Are you really so blind that you don't see the point here? No, I assume you're just being stiff-necked and condecending. But just in case, allow me to rephrase what you may not have been able to put together for yourself : "I'm not saying it was worth it. It's sad that they couldn't all come happily over on their own boat and had to instead be persecuted. (thought I'd point that out first) ... and joined us in starting this country as equals" Did I honestly think you weren't a racist? If you weren't so closed minded, and actually read them the first time around, you would have a different opinion. Once again, I'm hoping you're just being difficult. If not, you completely misunderstood a pretty clear point. You can ask a question without putting an presumptuous answer in my mouth. And your question is irrelevent, and I'm not discussing racism today, only the outcome of slavery yesterday... start another thread if you want to discuss that, and let's remain on topic. Once again irrelevent because that's not what we're discussing. I've made no comments about how they should feel about racism... which in that case, they have the right to feel angry. It's happening to them, today.
  5. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    It seems you and I must have something in common, then. I'm not sure what "cricifixion" is. Is it something like "crucifixion"? I'm not saying it was worth it. It's sad that they couldn't all come happily over on their own boat and had to instead be persecuted. But it already happened. That's the way it happened. You can spend all the time in the world dwelling on it, or you can be realistic: It sucked, but there was good that came out of it. Notice earlier, that I made a post alluding to the fact that the end does not justify the means. Does that need to be spelled out for you? I never said they view themselves/ancestors in those ways. I never said that slavery itself leads one to a better life. Your arguments are stubborn assumptions twisted from points that I thought were laymen's terms. As Janderson said, there are a lot of problems that country that people here don't have to face. It's sad that slavery was the vessel that gave them the opportunity to be here, but it did. Why dwell on feelings of anger when you can honor your ancestors' sacrifices?
  6. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    Which is? I assumed this thread was regarding the appreciation of the suffering of one's ancestors that allow them to live better today... *shrugs*
  7. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    No one's making fun of any race in this thread. What's your point?
  8. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    As for myself, I am not stating that they should be "happy" that their ancestors were enslaved, nor does the ends justify the means, as I referenced in my earlier post. Perhaps this point of view is simply opptimism.
  9. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    The point of the question is not the driving force of the agression (slavers, nazi, potatos, etc). The question could be reduced to: "should they be thankful to their ancestors, because since their ancestors endured this hardship, they now live a better life than their ancestors could have*" It's about their current condition's relativity to their ancestors' sacrifices. *In theory anyway.
  10. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    The original one was thanking their ancestors for having endured suffering to make their [the decendents'] lives easier, not the thanking the slave masters. Your metaphor is inconsistent. If you said "The Jewish people are thanking their ancentors percesusion because that lead to them having the opportunity to rebuild Israel." it would have made more sense.
  11. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    I hope you're joking.
  12. Scabbed Angel

    Popup advertising just keeps getting better

    She wants your blood for sustenance. There was one for Yahoo personals who looked like his idea of a good time would be a sunset walk on the beach, candle light dinner, and good ol' fashioned alley raping. Those ads creep me out.
  13. Scabbed Angel

    The Price of Slavery.

    I think we should we respectful of any hardship that a group of people have had to endure to better their cirumstances. However, ignorance is bliss. If they would have remained in their country, they wouldn't miss this new lifestyle, because they never would have had it. Thirdly this almost seems like a "does the end justify the means" type of question... which changes it's connotation a bit...
  14. Parts of Las Vegas does.
  15. Scabbed Angel

    How old is God?

    Will you die for this?
  16. Scabbed Angel

    How old is the universe

    Why is it that many Christians seem to think that it's only 6000 yrs old?
  17. Scabbed Angel

    Doom movie preference

    I suppose this is a bit late, what with the movie being done and all, but with the recent "buzz" regarding it, a thought came to mind. Since this is "Doom" the movie, not "Doom³" the movie, how many of ya'll'd (well that's a bastardization of grammar if there ever was one) have prefered that they based the movie off of the original Doom? Or are you happy that they choose it's predecessor? Discuss or something.
  18. Scabbed Angel

    Which Card?

  19. Scabbed Angel

    They're From Hell

    If the gods are kind...
  20. Scabbed Angel

    Pass the gas

    2.99 for premium... : ( $40 didn't even fill the tank...
  21. Scabbed Angel

    They're From Hell

    So apparently it's rated R now? http://www.doommovie.com/ I haven't been following this movie, so you all might already know this. If so, my appologies. I think it might not suck. EDIT: Duh.. it's in the article.... Timeline, heh. Either way, it's good to hear. Although with those demons, I'm sure it would have been decent even with PG13... well maybe not.. If they were aiming for an "R" rating all along, why was it "confirmed" as PG-13?
  22. Scabbed Angel

    Two extremes

    Uhh.. for those of us at work/with slow computers, could you describe what got you steamed?
  23. I find nothing wrong with glorifying commercials that are less annoying than usual.
  24. Scabbed Angel

    Amusing old article about Quake

    I wonder why they forogt to impliment those features... ; P