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  1. (Um... Grazza, I think you misread my post. I wasn't linking to the bootleged trailer, I was linking to Warner Bros' Official Viral site where the Official trailer will be released on Sunday according to sources (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_ under marketing "Finally, on December 14 2007, a new page was launched entitled "ATasteForTheTheatrical.com". The site was found at the bottom of each of the posters shown in movie theaters. The site has yet another Joker message reading, "It's what you have been waiting for! Sure, you can see it on display, but beginning this Sunday, YOU CAN TAKE IT HOME FOR YOUR OWN!" this may be hinting at a possible download of the trailer shown in front of I Am Legend.". So in the interest of fellow TDK fans on these forums, I was giving everyone a heads up of where it will officially appear, not how to find the bootleg. Also it's been released before I Am Legend in theaters yesterday.)

    Anyways, the new The Dark Knight Teaser trailer was released yesterday with I Am Legend. On Sunday, it's supposed to go online officially at http://www.atasteforthetheatrical.com/ which is one of Warner Bros' viral marketing sites for the film. If you've already seen it in theatres, post your impressions, or once its officially released on Sunday!

  2. Lol... I was thinking that too. It's cool though how they hide the father's face until you pick your appearance, and then he reflects you. I'll be going with japanese Liam Neesem (sp), thank you very much. Heh. I really think that they are really spending a lot of time with trying to capture the feel of the game. I read somewhere the Brian Fargo had pretty good feeling about FO3 and felt the series was in good hands. Tell that to the guys over at No Mutants Allowed forums. I'm not sure if I ever saw a bunch of people so negative and whiny about a new game... To that end, their forums are rather amusing.

    I thought the nuclear catapault seemed a little... strange. But other than that I'm way excited for this. The teaser, imho, nailed the atmosphere of Fallout, and the article does seem to keep that spirit in mind.



    *for anyone who have ritualisticly replayed one and two over and over again for the last 10 years...

    Looks like they will probably be changing it to a FPS rather than the classic perspective, which at first I would have minded. After the teaser, I think that could work. I love how it follows the format from the previous games' intros... and then of course
    "War. War never changes..."

  4. He will have green hair, as confirmed by this recently released set pic: ttp://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0468569/Ss/0468569/ProductionShot.jpg.html?path=gallery&path_key=0468569

    In hindsight, it's not that I didn't care for Jack's performance exactly, I just think Burton could have afforded to actually read the comic that his movie was based on.. Until Nolan, I had lost my faith of a decent, fairly accurate representation of Batman on film.

    I can't wait to see what Nolan will do with the Joker, and how Ledger will portray him.

  5. So, a thread geared [sic] towards any potential XB360 fans out there... Long awaited, and completely hyped next gen game, Gears of War, is being released today in many areas. I thought I'd start a thread for any fans who wanted to give their impressions. Based on reviews today, it seems that the game, which utilizes the new Unreal engine seen as E3 a few years ago, is living up to its hype. Unfortunately, in what could be an act of karma for me getting Doom 3 three days before the release date, all the best buys in my area aren't carrying it until tomorrow. So, for those of you who have gotten your hands on a copy, and want to share… by all means. I'll just sit here and stew in my jealousy.

  6. So, for the first time I have a decent internet connection, and wanted to try out D3 multiplayer. For some reason, both with a LAN game on my roommate's local network, and in any other game, I am unable to connect. I receive an error message stating: "Missing files required: You are missing some files to connect to this server, and the server doesn't provide downloads"

    Is there anyone who would be able to help me out with this? Thanks in advance!

  7. I don't see a problem with this. If anything, they're at least doing something useful and helping the police force that usually doesn't attach much importance to abuse issues.

    Edit: referring to getting pedos arrested...

  8. I'm glad they have these registeries in place... People need to be armed with information, especially if they have children close by. Even if it doesn't stop the majority of crimes from happening, any victomization that can be deterred makes it worth having it available. Though I don't advocate murder, I won't be shedding any tears to see a few of these monsters no longer around to hurt anyone else.

  9. redmage125 said:

    Really? I only saw the ending of Devils rejects. I could'nt belive it When I heard that House of a Thousand Corpses was based on a true storie (I don't think they really caught the killers, though)

    ROFL... no they sure haven't, good luck to them

    I find it funny that people still think that TCM was real because of the tag line "Inspired by a true story"...