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  1. Is it just me, or does a new "Please welcome our newest member, (insert noob name here)"name come up every time you refresh or load the main forums page? Also, on the T3 here t work the site tends to take a while to load. Doom 3 is going to bring about teh end of times. . .

    1. SYS


      I like to peek in the forums at least once a day, sometimes every 3 days, and lately I've been seeing on average 10 new additions to post hell a day. Also stupid idiots that don't understand how the forum is moderated and keep asking mindless bullshit and think their being persecuted like Jesus, when no one gives a fuck and it goes to hell. This a growing trend, and I don't wanna tell people how to moderate but unless these people catch on and fit in quick then they should be losered or unfortunately banned. As much as I'd hate to see this forum turn into a giant Communist regime.

    2. Bucket


      You know, you may appreciate times when it's only you and a few other hardcore fans posting on the site, but others may not. Some people think it would be cool if guys, you know, actually visited the homepage and clicked on ads and stuff. So the site at least could pay for itself...