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  1. Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. Gay men. Heh.

    Seriously, did you guys notice the gay guy on the train. He was looking for his "partner" who was a guy? I thought this was a nice touch. Especially for Melfice. Any thoughts?

    (I'm not posting this as a joke, I really thought it was cool that they included somethingthat most other games would shun. It ads to the real factor.) Please don't flame. Heh.

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    2. Arioch


      Riddick, the girl, and the (black?) muslim father guy survive.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      MaximusNukeage said:

      one, a dude named williams whoom you see leaving the bathroom in the begining of the game

      Oh, my bad. I still think that with all the caucasians and asians working there though, they should have at least had room for more than one black person (I'm not saying African American because they live on Mars, even though that's more politically correct so no offense anyone)

    4. darknation