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  1. Igor9

    11 Years of Doom?!

    Fantastic! Just what I needed!
  2. Igor9

    Taste The Rainbow

  3. Igor9

    Doom 3 Out There

    Your balls still hurt though don't they ;)
  4. Igor9

    B Section of the Archives Mini-Reviewed

    Bump for greater justice.
  5. Igor9

    "Life After The Oil Crash"

    Also read dieoff.org.
  6. Well, it's not normal, of course, but I dunno...maybe if they fulfill each other's needs things may work out. Like you know there are alot of odd couples out there whose marriages turned out fine and there's also alot of "perfect couples" who end up divorced. Life's an adventure, wish Romero all the best.
  7. Igor9

    Doomers by Location

    Earth [**] The Far East
  8. Igor9

    Zdoom 2.0.61.cab

    It's out. It's out.
  9. The fucking problem about living under a dictatorship is that you're afraid to meet up with strangers to play netdoom, in case they're actually the gestapo. All my friends don't play doom. Sucks to be me.
  10. Igor9

    Tribute to Magikal

    All things come to an end. Let us who still survive remember the good of the past and strive to better the future that we too may be remembered well when our time comes. Sleep well Magikal.
  11. Igor9

    Ramen Noodles

    Break an egg into the boiling stuff after you put in te ramen but before the seasoning. Mix well.
  12. Igor9

    Some sentimental stuff

    My first computer was an old beat up Cyrix 486DLC I got from my uncle and the one game that I played for the longest time on that computer was Doom. At the time I was happy if I could get 20fps. My love for computer games started with Doom and I've played uncountable games since, each of which will have fond niches in my memory. Yet, I still get a kick from playing Doom, even now. 10 years is a long time, wars have raged, millions have died, empires have risen and fallen and I am not the innocent geek I once was. But thanks to all the pwad authors, and source port and utility developers (thanks randy) Doom somehow still remains fresh and somehow synonymous was good innocent fun. Unlike some propagandized American brainwashing tool to get young kids killed in foreign lands supporting corrupt interests of neo-fascist.. Anyway, thanks for the good times everybody, I really appreciate everyone's effort and I mean EVERYONE, even deathz0r and George Fiffy, who really does make good maps. PS: I have nothing against Americans really, I actually look up to American Ideals, but sometimes I feel those Ideals are not being applied when they should. I live in a Communist country btw so wtf do I know.
  13. Igor9

    Team TNT Daedalus

    Is it on schedule for a release?
  14. Igor9

    Zdoom versus XP problem

    After so many years and crap OSes like win98 and NT, Microsoft got it right with win2k. Then they messed it up again with XP.