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  1. MrDowntempo

    Cursed Doom Images

    Here, I'll uncurse it for you:
  2. MrDowntempo

    Cursed Doom Images

    Needless filtering
  3. MrDowntempo

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    Ross Scott's thoughts on this: (Rant starts at 1:48 if timestamped link doesn't work)
  4. I'm just posting this to say I had a blast last night playing through all of Sigil with the D4V mod in Doom Retro. It was like some alternate history Doom 2. Damn if that Buckethead soundtrack doesn't rock! Hard to shoot barons while headbanging. The 3 projects go so well together though, that I have to recommend others try it. Romero's Sigil levels are both more modern but very true to original doom style. The D4V brings in the production design of 2016 Doom which is (as much as I love original doom) much more consistent and well crafted than the old school stuff. And Doom Retro is the perfect engine to pair these with. Slight upres, but still feeels like I remember Doom in the 90s with its little touches of blood, dithered lighting, shifting water etc. It is without a doubt my favorite engine to play Vanilla compatible maps and mods in. Each one of these projects take Doom I to the next level, but together their effect is increased exponentially. Sorry I can't stop gushing about it, but if y'all owe it to yourselves to play this combo (even if you're just using the midi version of Sigil, which also rocks)
  5. oh my god, I'm a moron. I thought for sure one-humanity was a DOOM I wad like sigil. *facepalm* Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Working great now!
  6. I swear that's how I've been attempting it, but it doesn't load the map, it asks which doom.wad episode I want to play and loads upon selection instead.
  7. Can you tell me HOW to load external maps, because I just keep failing at every attempt. I've specifically be trying to use one-humanity.wad since I believe it's vanilla compatible and shouldn't have any extra features to confuse the game. But I'd also like to give REKKR a try. However, there's no doucmentation for loading wads in this port, and doing things according to prboom+'s documentation has so far failed me. I'll add that I can get this to run on my system pretty well, it's just the loading of external wads that's giving me trouble.
  8. Found this while doing a bit of cleaning. I think I have the CD in an album somewhere too, but not immediately available. A fun lil' blast from the past though
  9. MrDowntempo

    DOOM Retro v5.0.7 (updated October 21, 2023)

    It's the Doom trifecta. BTSX + Doom Retro + Doom4Vanilla. I play this a lot, it is a really excellent and complete package.
  10. Anything particularly spooky, or on theme that deserves a Halloween playthrough? Happy Halloween!
  11. MrDowntempo

    REKKR - V1.16

    That looks cool as all heck too!
  12. MrDowntempo

    REKKR - V1.16

    Didn't you find it uncomfortable for your hands and eyes playing REKKR on a device that ... big?
  13. MrDowntempo

    More open source games?

    If you like Hex based strategy, Wesnoth is a great open source game that's been around for at least 2 decades. There's tons of old roguelikes that are open source, including Nethack and Angband etc. And if you want to back in time beyond doom, beyond angband and moria.. One of the earliest video games is the terminal super star trek, and it is ported and maintained by one of the key figures of Open Source, Eric S. Raymond, here.
  14. MrDowntempo

    More open source games?

    And it can even run Wolfenstien 3D maps!