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  1. Codenod

    Change episode in modding

    Tried, but nothing. :( When I create the folder I put gzdoom inside and I put the main mod (BDBE, bd etc.), freedom phase1, dtwid... but nothing happens. Always the same, every mod works except dtwid, which gives me only e5 and e6
  2. Codenod

    Change episode in modding

    Hi! probably nobody will see/will have interest in answering but I'll give a try. I was trying to begin a run (the way id did) but I can't see the episodes when I start. I can see only 3 episodes "hell on earth", "base instinct", "The final gate". I already tried using only that wad, but nothing. Newest version of gzdoom. How do I play the first 4 episodes? Help would be appreciated, ignoring ... well, you're not the best person in the world :P Thanks!