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  1. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Vintage E1M1 (and Cybie ;-) playback

    According to UMPG everything on Youtube is owned by UMPG.
  2. Swiss_Cheeseman

    The original 16bit-22khz samples from iPhone Doom Classic

    Hey I hear monster cables really make my sound awesome also have you tried using wooden volume knobs instead of the plastic ones because they give the sound "warmth".
  3. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Doom II's level design is antiquated

    Wheres that image with the Doom map and the "Moden FPS Map" which is just one big rectangular hallway. Because that. EDIT:
  4. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Doom64 EX 2.1 Released

    Try this: http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/
  5. Swiss_Cheeseman

    32X Doom

    I think the second one sounds even better than the SNES version.
  6. Swiss_Cheeseman

    32X Doom

    As practice for Quake.
  7. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Doom64 EX 2.1 Released

    The launcher's resolution options are quite limited. Any chance of custom resolution input?
  8. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Zenimax issue takedown of JS Doom port

    By the looks of it the game is zipped, then iced, then zipped again. I can't seem to find any license agreement that comes with shareware Doom. Does it even have one?
  9. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Zenimax issue takedown of JS Doom port

    Could it be possible to load wad data directly from the original shareware zip file?
  10. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Resuming work on Mocha Doom

    Just wanted to say that I think this project is really neato. Just some words of encouragement :)
  11. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Making sprites from pictures

    Paint Shop Pro would probably be a better choice for creating and modifying palleted artwork over Paint.NET.
  12. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Legal status of Strife?

    "Hey can you free the rights to your dead husbands music? Thanks!"
  13. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Chocolate Doom

    This method doesn't really work. Scanlines tend to be acceptable on CRTs due to the very high contrast ratio and high brightness at levels that LCDs cannot obtain. When you try to emulate scanlines on an LCD they just end up making the picture look dark and muddy since the scanlines are too bright. EDIT: Oh wait you covered that durrrr.
  14. Swiss_Cheeseman

    My comments on GBA Doom

    Whats interesting is that early versions of Doom for the 32X seemed to more closely resemble the PC version of Doom. The layouts, textures and such were based off the PC version rather than the significantly cut down Jaguar version. The earliest known prototype version on the left, the final on the right. Oddly, the prototype runs quite well and I'd bet with some optimisation they could have gotten it running better. However instead of actually working they decided to just murder the graphics and throw a half-finished game out onto store shelves.
  15. Swiss_Cheeseman

    My comments on GBA Doom

    The thing about the GBA Doom II port is that it doesn't actually run on the Doom engine, instead it uses a 2.5D engine made specifically for the GBA. It was also used for Duke Nukem Advance. Despite that it's quite faithful to the original game.