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  1. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    Feels good man. I'm on the last stretch and it's been a fun ride. Feels like something I could want to master.
  2. RichHomieBajiQuan

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    I feel shades of a Touhou bullet hell style of game. They really want to push you into a specific style of play, it's a necessity to hit the weak spots in the early game so far(For me at least on Nightmare), and you really have to use every resource available. This is everything they said it would be so no surprise here for me personally. I do wish that there were more labyrinth style stages. The in-game lore is a bit convoluted in spots. I'm having fun, but I've seen some people on stream say yawn while reading it. I like the universe they crafted, but simplify it just a notch. Have more comic book fun, than LOTR if you gotta get people to read, especially knowing they'll be on stream. I respect that they shot for the stars. Whether it's a "classic" doom experience IDK, or care. Feels different than any shooter I've seen out there on the market and I'm having a fucking good time.
  3. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Which Skill Level do you plan on playing first?

    Nightmare, did the same with 2016. Hugo's actually recommending Nightmare the most too.
  4. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Pistol Gone?

    RIP the handful of guys that do pistol only runs
  5. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Doom Eternal TV Spot Trailer

    I can understand trying to catch someone's eye by casting a bigger net, but the song they used was just trash. At least give me X gon give it to ya or something that fits if you're gonna go that route.
  6. RichHomieBajiQuan

    The Tutorials of Doom Eternal

    Yeah I understand the gripe, and I though the same thing when I saw it. It's a little jarring and intrusive how it takes you out of the game, but I assume it was done purposefully. They want newbies to burn the mechanics and gameplay loop into their skulls vs the more subtle approach they took in 2016, where you didn't really have to use all of the resources you had. I've heard that the difficulty is steeper, and Hugo says that they don't want anymore Polygon Doom 2016 previews; they want to punish the players that aren't properly engaging in the loop, and they want you to know it's your fault if you die. So yeah while I still believe it's a little intrusive, it's a necessary evil. I'd be surprised if you couldn't toggle it off though, they've been great with the amount of customization options.
  7. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Codex Doom Eternal. New information

    Nice it's like a comic book within the game.
  8. RichHomieBajiQuan


    It being there doesn't bother me. It's whether the implementation & gameplay loop involving it is good or not.
  9. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Noclip Podcast - Designing Doom Eternal with Hugo Martin

    The series is in great hands under Hugo's direction. Most excited to see how well they've tuned all of the enemies defensive reactions & purpose. He basically hit on all the points I had reservations about.
  10. RichHomieBajiQuan

    well I guess Hayden isn't gonna be the villain after all

    He's probably upgrading his body.
  11. RichHomieBajiQuan

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    My hopes are low. Just hope its good for a few B-movie laughs and some crappy action.
  12. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Doom Eternal Pred-shoulder Cannon

    Correct. As long as they balance the game with tougher opposition relative to the increased strength of Slayer there should be no issues. I personally felt like there wasn't enough Baron's in the first game so we'll see.
  13. RichHomieBajiQuan

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    I liked the Gauss Cannon better. Touching on what other people said it looked and acted powerful. For me something about the Ballista doesn't have that "thump" or "punch" of the Gauss cannon even though it looks like it equally eviscerates lower level enemies of the horde just like the GC. The sticky bomb doesn't look bad, but w/e. Hoping it has some kind of secondary mode ALA Siege mode where the gun turns anything in the way in terms of lower and medium level enemies into piles of ashes.