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  1. Thanks for the release, I had a good time running through it. A couple of simple notes I would like to offer, just small things that would have made it more fun for me as a player: Deaf or Ambush Player monsters and sound blocking linedefs could flesh the levels out better. A lot of fights boiled down to shooting down hallways while every monster in the area came tunneling towards me. Making some deaf or blocking sound to areas would force more caution and spread combat more thoroughly through the levels. I also found the wad to be very, very easy, mostly due to tons of ammo and health and few mid to high tier monsters. All the low tier monsters drop easily and most give ammo. Replacing a lot of Zombiemen with Revs and Mancs could clear this up pretty easily and add a lot of challenge. More varied heights would've been nice as well. Overall the architecture was nice, it just could've used a little bit more variance in the form of stairs and balconies and such. Those are my personal thoughts, overall I had a good time and could see you have a solid grasp of how to use different sector types and vary the gameplay in general. I especially enjoyed the lava room with the hidden switches to open the exit, sliding back and forth across the pits to find the switches was fun, and the level with all the Archies and the false exits was cool as well, though I do prefer to 100% a map if possible (maybe there was a way to kill 'em all, but I didn't see it). Maps were a good length as well. Thanks again for the release, keep it up, I'd like to play more in the future.
  2. drsnodgrass

    My first wad: Power Factory

    Took me a while to figure the secret tag out the other night, I believe it's special - 9. I liked that one, the visible switch and run over the armor was classic Doom fun.
  3. drsnodgrass

    My first wad: Power Factory

    I gave it a run and enjoyed it. I'd have to concur with HAK's comments regarding tighter spaces and add the idea of forcing the player into areas more. I cleared a lot of rooms pretty easily using the old stand just outside the door frame for cover and pop back and forth. A good example off the top of my head would be to have the entry area lead into the little chaingun nest, make that area more confined to give imps quicker access to the player and force more dodging, and then maybe lead from there with a lift to the next section with the sludge walls and cacos, giving a more fluid path and forcing the player to enter the room and fight within it. Overall I really liked the enemy choice and placement so being forced to face them more directly would've been fun. I also felt that there was a bit of an overabundance of shotgun shells and armor. The excess shells are fine if you're not concerned with strapping the player for ammo but having basically infinite ssg is always a little easier than being forced to swap to more risky methods. Perhaps making the super armor a secret would've made the basic play a little tougher and given a nice little reward for secret hunting. I really liked the final big green room, that was a fun fight and forced me to run around and stay on my toes, and the winding path leading to it was a nice atmospheric touch. Fun map, thanks for releasing it!