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  1. pablo tescobar

    [GZDoom] A playback error with stereo samples in MOD music

    Bump: I tested removing the soundbits after the end loop point in OpenMPT: Ingame, the problem is sort of fixed: the right channel is now played some milliseconds after the left channel begins, creating the surround sound effect. My verdict is that is based on the amount of extra sound bits after the end loop point as seen in OpenMPT. It's probably why in the first post the right channel sounds so off.
  2. I found a MOD music playback bug in GZdoom: if there is a stereo sound sample in a MOD music file (IT, S3M, XM...) and it has either a bidi (ping pong) or On loop setting, then the right channel of that sample is played in a weird offset. Here's how the sample looks like in OpenMPT: I recorded ingame with OBS and this is the audio visualized in Vegas, where the highlighted area is the first map: I tested turning loop setting to Off in OpenMPT, and it's played perfectly normal ingame. ITstereoexample.rar