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  1. Hey,

    SuperCupcakeTactics was kind enough to share the source of the girls. It's this blog, full of old school Japanese game art: https://jazzisthebestformofmusic.tumblr.com/


    1. LF222


      ok so, i know this isnt your fault, but i went through all 200ish pages of the blog and was unable to find that specific character

    2. Fluuschoen
  2. LF222


    Was wondering, is there a source for the character sprite on this texture?
  3. LF222

    Models question

    Has anyone been able to extract the models to a usable format? similar to what "WraithRevenant" does for DOOM 2016? i was able to find models in eternal's files but i cant find extractors/converters for them
  4. He was pretty tough on the first encounter, but once you figure him out, the SSG basically just eradicates him
  5. LF222

    Your first impressions?

    Ok so, after playing another level, im starting to think that the difficulty issue is more that the game just leaves you dry in the early stages, not enough ammo to last a fight etc etc, (no pistol to back that up, that one kinda annoys me most)
  6. LF222

    Your first impressions?

    Its pretty nice so far, but its odd, like is it just me or is this game way too hard? i can barely make it trough the average encounter, 2016 UV was a cakewalk, as is 1 and 2, so maybe its just me idk, but i feel getting pushed into a corner by to cacos and then blasted from across the entire battlefield by arachnotrons is way too much for the early game, i was expecting them to be a mid game thing at least, but this is the only doom where i tend to find myself groaning when certain demon types show up from the thought of having to deal with them. other than that, the over complication of mechanics stacked on mechanics stacked on mechanics does drag it down a bit. Visuals, music, style, world, all that is a big one-up on 2016 though.
  7. LF222

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I used to make my own textures for wads, but OTEX is so perfect for what i wanted to do here that i just decided to use it
  8. LF222

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Some shots of a Wad i have been working on, themed after a hell prison escape essentially, haven't found a cool edgy demonic name for the place yet
  9. LF222


    I was thinking that the "contest is over" screen at https://contest.vargskelethor.me/ could lead to a constantly updating list of wads in the contest, upkept through a google doc or something of the sort
  10. LF222


    What we need is a way to tell if our WADs have been declined or not