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  1. Mirphy

    Vanilla blood colour mod

    alright thank you. though i did find this: https://sourceforge.net/p/prboom-plus/feature-requests/91/ but i cant figure out how to apply the patch, do you know by any chance?
  2. Mirphy

    Vanilla blood colour mod

    are there any vanilla (as in compatible with SPs like prboom+) mods out there that change the colour of demon blood like the cacodemon's to blue and the hell knight's to green? the only ones i could find were either decorate mods or outdated. P.S. i know crispy doom exists, im just wondering if its possible to mod it in to another port.
  3. i like it vanilla. usually ill use glboom+ (the alternative to prboom+) for vanilla wads when i can since i like the widescreen with a higher fov but still like to have it be close to vanilla. though the idea of having a slightly improved doom has always been appealing to me, such as adding coloured blood, faster weapon switching, voxels etc, so i often find myself playing gzdoom as well. though i usually still have freelook and jumping disabled since they add extremely little to the game, but i do turn them on when using gameplay mods. i have been considering making a sort of modpack with a lot of these improvements but i havent gotten around to it yet
  4. reminds me of that doom 2 re-build-t but slightly grittier. gonna be looking forward to this
  5. i loved the atmosphere and overall level design of this, you did a really good job in that department. though one thing i will say is that shrine is pretty easy for the most part. aside from the last 5 or 4 levels, i could breeze through every level with little effort. i can see some situations where making keys open monster closets would help with the difficulty, not to mention while the level design is great, it felt kind of short, with levels taking about 3-5 minutes to complete. one other thing im not a big fan of is the universal ammo, that, and using the eldritch annihilator trivialised most boss encounters. also one more thing: you can move map 15 to map 16, and maybe include a secret level in there somewhere. with a few tweeks i definitely think this could become one of my favourite doom mods, and criticisms aside, youve done a great job with the art direction and unique weapons, im a massive fan of this simplistic style of pixel art. i look forward to the updates on this and your future projects!
  6. played through it today. overall: its good. you did a really good job with the architecture, and the level progression is pretty good. the only problem is that the action is a little bit underwhelming, i just prefer more big open spaces with lots of monsters. but i will say, that cyberdemon was pretty good for a final boss. so overall, well done.
  7. Mirphy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    this is so fucking cool, i love it
  8. Mirphy


    pretty good map, i liked it. only two problems i have is that the arenas could be a bit smaller to make for a more challenging experience, except for the one outdoors (similar to the fight in Suburbs), and that the architecture was decent but couldve been better. seeing how this is your first published map (on this site/account at least) its a great start.
  9. hey, great work so far. im a bit of a dumbass sometimes and i cant figure out how to use the morph ball.
  10. Perhaps you could add an option to switch back to the pixel art style of arm canon, so everyone gets to be happy.
  11. im gonna give some criticism if ya dont mind. i feel like the 3d models arent really that good, because theyre really dated and when switching to them its very abrupt, and it doesnt fit with doom's pixel art. i suggest either making new models by teaming up with some others or perhaps work on some of the other sprites. also, the first level of the bounty hunter episode seems to be missing a lot of enemies and also progression. this does have a lot, and i mean a LOT of potential. ill give you the support you need, even if it is just me. its just nothing is perfect and i love metroid so i do want this to become better. though from what ive seen of v1.5, it does look better. keep up the good work :)