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  1. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    Ahhhh sorry my man, trying to squash bugs as I catch them so I don't forget lol. Curious to see your progress!
  2. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    Update #5...some minor quality of life improvements. Check OP :)
  3. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    Update #4! Get your update #4 hereeee!
  4. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    I look forward to what you come up with, may the force be with you!
  5. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    Update#3 is ready for download!
  6. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    Update#2 is now live, check the OP!
  7. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    Thanks dude, it was my pleasure! I use the term "pleasure" loosely though, since having your eyes go bloodshot from staring blankly at code for hours on end isn't really ANYONE'S idea of a good time haha.
  8. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    OH NOOOO...I'm so sorry XD!! For what it's worth, that rip was never intended to be universal nor was it ever meant to go public, so kudos for managing to navigate it as well as you have thus far. Funny enough, the tanks were kind of an afterthought. It wasn't until after extensive testing that I noticed something was missing, which would've been a real tragedy to have released this without their inclusion.
  9. BROS_ETT_311

    What do you think of Doom content? (Youtube).

    I'm seeing a ton of wonderful mentions on this thread, though have yet to see this one, so I'll mention it here; Retro Ahoy! That channel has a plethora of retrospectives and in depth analysis for gaming, but it's the videos on Doom (as well as Wolfenstein and Quake) that really got me hooked...plus there's something about Stuart Brown's narration that's almost akin to its own kind of ASMR lol.
  10. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    I'll take a bow to that! Thanks man, took some steady hands and a lot of patience. And don't even get me started with that thing lol. Ironically, (and I'm a bit ashamed to admit this,) I'm actually the progenitor of that inferior iteration...long story, but hopefully this makes up for that debacle. :)
  11. BROS_ETT_311

    Universal Map Enhancements

    This is exactly as the name describes, "Universal Map Enhancements" from Brutal Doom v21...for any mod of your choosing! This pack comes in a couple different flavors - v21 Gold decorations map enhancements from the Gold release of BDv21 v21 Beta decorations map enhancements from the early beta releases of BDv21 CRITICAL BUG: certain mods that heavily utilize sprite overlays have a tendency to crash when attempting to operate vehicles and turrets. Morphing is effectivle broken in regards to those particular mods, and will either have to be fixed by the devs of said mods in question or GZDoom. Update #6 (10/13/2022) - FREEZE Overhauled code to account for whether the player tries to move at map start; Numerous other compatibility fixes for various mods; Refactored parameters for Doom 1 boss level detection; Update #5 (07/25/2022) - Q.O.L. Fixed lava texture warp; Re-introduced MapEd nums for better compatibility w/ EDAY+HOESP; Update #4 (06/16/2022) - BUG HUNT Added a script for better compatibility with D4Tv2.5 (and possibly other mods); Added an additional script for better compatibility with various PBR liquid mods; Squashed various sprite conflicts with other mods (can't remember which were affected); Removed MapEd numbers assigned to enhanced decorations to avoid conflicts with various WADS; Update #3 (05/11/2022) - EDAY / HOESP Adapted pack to work as a compatibility patch for EDay / Hell On Earth Starter Pack (HOESP); Re-worked the Boss toggle system; Fixed sprite conflicts with the following mods: Dead Marine / Smooth Doom; Added compatibility with the following mod: Warhammer 40k Astartes; Update #2 (05/04/2022) - BOSS MODE Bosses can now be toggled off/on mid-level (restarts level, use cautiously); Fixed sprite conflict with the Mancubus attack (fatshot); Additional compatibility support for Project Brutality; Removed unused sounds and compressed wav files to ogg format; Dropped support for ZDoom2.8.1, use ZZDoom if software rendering is preferred; Update #1 (04/23/2022) - Standard (non-ZDoom) versions are now compatible with Wadsmoosh; IMPORTANT NOTE Load whichever pack you choose LAST in your mod load order, or at least after the gameplay mod, as you will be more likely to experience glitches otherwise. For Windows/Linux users, it is recommended to use a launcher (ie. ZDL Zdoom.org) for better ease in loading mods. Alternatively, you can create a batch file to achieve the same effect. ex. gzdoom.exe -file gameplaymod.pk3 -UniversalMapEnhancements_v21Gold_RC3.pk3 Mac users can use the built in launcher provided by their choice in source port (GZDoom, ZZDoom, Zandronum). I'm aware there are other methods of accomplishing the "universal" nature of this mod. However, the method provided in this upload resulted in greater compatibility across source ports, without the need of restricting to features found in specific ports. Now, behold the splendor of hell and get to slaying!! - BROS_ETT_311 Preview here!! https://imgur.com/a/EqYtHKM Download here!! https://www.mediafire.com/file/m0evt73ep5s1r3z/Universal_Map_Enhancements.zip/file https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/universal-map-enhancements PS. Fee free to check out my Doom music reinterpretation to pair along with this - https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/dacote-doom-music-reinterpreted https://soundcloud.com/ben-rosett
  12. BROS_ETT_311

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Sorry if anyone has brought this up already, but is there a wadsmoosh version or patch of this mod?
  13. BROS_ETT_311

    DARKFORCES Wardusted

    Sorry pal, but I think you're unfortunately out of luck. Mod's been dead for awhile now, however, and as Yoda once said, "there is another". Your next best bet is checking out Xim's Dark Forces mod, which more or less builds off of this mod. Personally, I find Xim's version to be a bit bloated for my liking, but if you're into having more weapons and classes than you know what to do with then you'll likely have a blast. This version was perfect since it actually felt like Dark Forces only with some graphical enhancements...and to this day I'm still disappointed that it's been taken down. :/
  14. BROS_ETT_311

    The holy trinity of FPS games

    I know someone already mentioned this, but definitely: Wolf3d, Doom, and Quake. Not only was each entry a significant technological advancement for rendering graphics in its heyday, but they additionally laid the foundational game design philosophies for what would come to be know as first-person-shooters. As much as I appreciate the Build engine and all the unique scripting capabilities it could do, it was nonetheless iterative of what IDsoft had already done with their engine. Granted, yes, you could jump/crouch, look around on the vertical axis, and destroy environments within those games, but by the time Duke3d had dropped Quake was already providing a true 3d environmental gaming experience merely months later.
  15. BROS_ETT_311

    DACOTE - Doom Music (Reintepreted)

    All of them or one specifically? Fixing them now. All fixed! :)