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  1. Is your Doomguy wearing a Baron skull?   That's awesome!

    1. okbuddy


      It came from an idea I had for a "true" Doom III mod I had.  Like if DoomGuy is on Earth with the last surviving bit of humanity that didn't get evacuated in Doom II.  The people that did get off planet have nowhere to go and are fading fast.  So he roams the apocalyptic wasteland hunting down the last of the demons on Earth to bring them home.  The skull is his badass warrior helmet.  I wanted him to have an Eastwood-style poncho, but as I have no artistic ability whatsoever, this was Frankensprited from DoomGuy, a clean ShotgunGuy sprite I found somewhere and the Dune Warrior From Realm667.  Add a grayscaled top of a Baron head and there you have it.


      TL;DR yes.