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  1. Please give me some feedback on how i did or what i can improve! Here are some screenshots. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AFJ3xxvADxjcqzfNIKJ6oulnckpmpC-v
  2. Hiiammike

    My new wad VENUS.wad download below

    Makazi the Hyena i will take what you said into consideration for my next wads.
  3. So all of my intermission text have been working however recently they have not been working for some reason? I have no idea why this is what the script looks like please help me! My intermission text aren't working in this wad anymore i have no idea why i can't see any intermission text screens? map MAP01 "Floating milltary station" sky1 "SKY1" next MAP02 music D_E1M2 cluster 1 Clusterdef 1 MUSIC "D_VICTOR" Exittext "The experiment on Venus was successful, portal has opened as it was supposed to. The problems came after that, demons escaped and killed everyone around. Your job is to kill the demons, find the portal and shut it down once for all before situation escalates any further!" map MAP02 "HAVOC" sky1 "VENSK" next MAP03 music D_THE_DA cluster 1 Clusterdef 1 MUSIC "D_READ_M" Exittext "Still no luck finding the portal! perhaps the portal is located on the surface of venus! Maybe if you traveled down to the venus surface base! You would Find portal! In the mean time search the floating city! For anwsers as where the portal could be! Perhaps you could find some people hiding!" map MAP03 "The City" sky1 "VENSK" next MAP04 music D_ROMERO cluster 1 Clusterdef 1 MUSIC "D_READ_M" Exittext "After searching the city for the portal you come up with no luck finding it! After killing the giant spider demon! A door opens to the shit infested sewers! The sewers will lead down to the surface base! The portal must be there? Right? But who knows what could be lurking on the surface of venus and in the sewers! Who knows what could be guarding the portal?"
  4. Only one of them is working only map 3's intermission text screen thing works. But map 1 and map 2 aren't working what is this magic?
  5. How can i do this i am curious! And uh specifically i want it to be a radiation suit what i want is for the player to pick up the radiation suit! And then have them enter the sector if the radiation suit wares out or the player is not wearing it they die? What script can i use to make this happen? And how would i type it?
  6. Hiiammike

    What script can i use to do this?

    It's gzdoom And the mapping format is uh Doom 2 Hexen FORMAT
  7. Any advice or anything how i can fix this?
  8. K I still can't run my testing program
  9. Yes previously i have been able to do that.
  10. I have unistalled gzdoom builder. But i do get what your saying to save the map then test it by loading it in gzdoom. That's the port i am using but shit now i need a download link for gzdoom builder. K got it
  11. What do you mean ZDL? And port you mean like uh? Program i use to launch doom right? I am very confused Oh i think i get it now.
  12. I unistalled Doom builder 2 and that didn't fix it i assume that would fix it it didn't.
  14. Is there a script that will make the player always crouch never stop crouching but also at the same time make it so the player is still able to walk at normal walking speed. When crouching?
  15. Hiiammike

    Ok question about scripts this going to sound weird

    Ok i will do just that. But i wont add a custom class.
  16. Hiiammike

    Ok question about scripts this going to sound weird

    What dehacked features?
  17. Hiiammike

    Ok question about scripts this going to sound weird

    Salt man maybe you are right. But i am not too sure.
  18. Hiiammike

    Ok question about scripts this going to sound weird

    Or perhaps two separate scripts?
  19. How did they creators of zdoom and gzdoom make it so the player is able to look up and down jump and fly? I really want to know i am very curious!
  20. Hiiammike

    I have a question about gzdoom and zdoom.

    Thanks tdrr.
  21. So I've been told there is a new format for making map names and intermission text for maps. How do i go about making map names and text for my wad? If someone where to teach me how to do this because the new format to me looks very hard to code. Also i forgot the page on the zdoom wiki where this new format is listed.
  22. Cant i accidentally deleted it.