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  1. @dobu gabu maru did you really had to @ me i did not not need to hear that lol.
  2. Brock

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    This is good stuff.
  3. @HAK3180 sorry for the elevator mistake aswell some missing textures and miss-alingments.I will have it on mind for future maps and thanks for playing.
  4. Play on any difficulty you want besides ultra violence , it may be a bit too much for you. Also this wad is Boom compatible. Link-
  5. I am making a custom map that uses supercharge.Problem is they are 2 scrip errors in the ZSCRIPT that i dont know how to fix. #include "scripts/t_m8f_is_settings.zs" #include "scripts/t_m8f_is_event_handler.zs"
  6. map MAP01 = "Decor" { sky1 = "SKYBOX09" music = D_RUNNIN }
  7. So i am making a gzdoom map in udmf format i added custom music and other stuff.Set all t he ZMAPINFO info stuff correctly.But every time i try to playtest my map.it says Script error, "Decor.wad:ZMAPINFO" line 1: Expected '{,got 'Decor'. If anyone could help please do.
  8. Can i ask where did you get these specific tree sprites from?
  9. This is a medium boom compatable map for Doom 2.I suggest you play on Hey Not too rough.
  10. Hey @Clippy thanks for playing!Yeah i get that it is too much to handle.Next time i will toon it down for balance sake.Or atleast show the player what he is in for before dropping him into a warzone.I playtest my maps regulary to see if its balanced for all skill levels but i guess i need to test my maps more.Eitherway thanks for the feeeback!
  11. Are there any mapping engines where i can make maps for Doom 64?
  12. This map is a Submission for the project The New Horizon 2. -------------------------------------------------------------- Link-https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lr0ss2ybml6isce/AACcfwcCV5lbIlyIlBrRX_6ea?dl=0 IWAD-Doom 2 Format-Boom 2 format Map-01 Made with-Gzdoom builder Tested with-Gzdoom builder Known bugs-None Main Purpose SinglePlayer-YES CO-OP-YES Freelook/Jump-Not recommended but allowed ----------------------------------------------------------- (Pictures of the map are stored in the file)
  13. Brock

    Ports for Doom 64?

    Are there any ports from Doom 64?